Ceremonies By Amanda-Louise

I am Amanda-Louise Knight a professional and fully trained celebrant specialising in weddings, renewal of vows, funerals, naming and other ceremonies offering bespoke and individual services based on Exmoor, near Minehead in West Somerset.  

I perform unique ceremonies within the UK or around the world, whether intimate just the 3 of us, or a small, medium or large guest lists. During your beautiful celebration, I am able to involve your guests in the ceremony if you so wish, as well as suggest lovely ways to include any children too.

My ceremonies are memorable and not just a formality. In a world where individual choice matters, a celebrant ceremony enables a more personal choice. I can conduct ceremonies anywhere you choose; however you want it, whenever you want it, 365 days of the year during the day or evening, with an aim to surpass your expectations.  

As a Wedding Celebrant, I produce stylish, happy and creative weddings which are dictated by your personality and not necessarily by tradition BUT a gorgeous ceremony filled by love.  

I adore the magical style woodland or forest location weddings where I can create that enchanted moment, with a twist of modern meets spiritual, and being local on Exmoor National Park and with Stonehenge close by, I can conduct that special moment under the full moon too. Other themed weddings definitely bring out my creativity!

If a destination weddings is your dream, I create and conduct exquisite, and eloquent words to suit the occasion.

As a Family Celebrant, I relish bringing family values into ceremonies sharing the love and affection for those around you, and can involve children and family into any of my ceremonies. Celebrating diversity and individuality, I take pride in ceremonies celebrating the love of no boundaries or limits.

As a Funeral Celebrant, I bring a sense of trust. I will do all that it takes to ensure complete respect and dignity and bring some light too. My funeral ceremonies focus on the person, not just a formality.

What I hold dear to my heart, is to be your chosen celebrant to celebrate with you, through your life’s journey. As a fully trained and independent celebrant, I ensure I keep up to date with legislation and training, enabling me to offer both traditional and modern ceremonies.

Once you have chosen from my range of options, and I get to know you, I will commence working on your tailored words. Our working together allows you to remain in control of those words, with my expertise, skill, and flair, making a perfect union to custom-build your ceremony.

Whatever the ceremony, I will always remain supportive and communicate with you throughout.

Below you can find out about me and the range of services and Ceremonies that I offer.

Time To Celebrate Love

I specialise in designing personalised vows which are sincere for you as a couple. I look to retell your love story and capture your personalities whether that be through a romantic, humorous, themed, religious, cultural or a ceremony based on the history of rituals.

I can provide a variety of bespoke services, which can be incorporated into a wedding ceremony, or as a stand-alone ceremony; all recorded within my official certificate and keepsake folder which I will present to you after your ceremony to treasure.  


This is the moment to declare your love, and I would be honoured to provide you with a ceremony just how you want it to be.  After getting to know each other, I will personally design, write, and present your commissioned ceremony and importantly keep in touch from the moment you say yes to me!

Whether you want to include one faith, multiple faiths or no religion; I can make your day as special as you are. I can help you with suggestions of readings, poems, music, tributes, vows, and rituals which can make your ceremony truly bespoke. I adore capturing personalities and creating memories to last a lifetime.  

Currently celebrants cannot perform a legal marriage, however celebrants can conduct wedding ceremonies in licensed wedding venues and in non-licensed wedding venues; which does provide more choice creating that special moment.

I cater for all size guest numbers, whether an elopement with the 3 of us, or share it with family and friends.

I can discuss how to make your ceremony bespoke for you and discuss options of including a spiritual or ritual element into your service, making it totally unique.

A lovely option is to incorporate any children or guests, making the ceremony inclusive or exclusive as you wish.

Renewal of
words or vows

There are so many wonderful reasons to celebrate the commitment you made to each other. I specialise in helping couples find the perfect words for their special occasions to match their individuality.    

Whether celebrating an anniversary or wanting to mark a milestone occasion I will draw on your journey of love and commitment to create an occasion to suit you.

Commitment Ceremonies

For those not wanting or unable to “tie the knot” as yet, a perfect alternative is to have a commitment ceremony.

The words I can create will be just as graceful and meaningful as a wedding ceremony, as you commit to each other.

Spiritual Ritual

If you prefer not to have any traditional order of service in your chosen ceremony, then this option may be ideal for you, and I can offer a range of delightful rituals to ensure meaning and emotion are captured in your perfect moment presenting your love.

Weddings are surrounded by rituals and traditions throughout history and I am always excited to find the one thing that is most important to you.

These options can make any woodland venue a magical moment, and can involve just the loving couple, or to encompass any children, or guests for an inclusive ceremony.

Destination Ceremonies

In England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland we have so many quintessential locations and venues, so the appeal of a UK wedding or other ceremony is understandable.

I can provide a bespoke celebrancy service, full of heritage, culture, tradition, and beliefs, for those wishing to visit the UK from overseas to hold their ceremony of choice.

In turn, if you dream of your wedding location in Europe or further, then I can deliver my services to you as your chosen Wedding Celebrant.

Script Writing

I can offer to write your service only, if you would prefer to have a reliable family or friend who is experienced in performing in public to conduct your ceremony reading my script.
Here I will prepare the service on your behalf with keen attention to detail, ensuring the story of your love is portrayed as you wish.

Do consider this option carefully, as some family or friends may change their mind with sudden nerves on your celebration!

Time To Welcome New Members

Naming Ceremonies can be a beautiful part of your and your child's journey together. If you feel that a church christening is not for you, then a naming ceremony can be held wherever you wish. I specialise in providing a personal service that structures the ceremony around your families needs to ensure it feels right for you. My focus as a family celebrant is to create a friendly and loving ceremony filled with happiness, with a view to capturing your beliefs, traditions, and desires for your day.

My ceremonies are as different as the people involved. I feel gifted to be able to work in combining your cultural customs and traditions, acknowledging the joy of coming to the end of an adoption process to welcoming a child into the family, honouring the coming of age into teenage or adulthood and celebrating with diverse communities within gender and sexuality, to name but a few.

Baby Naming

If you feel that a church christening is not for you, then a naming ceremony can be held wherever you wish – even in your garden.    

I specialise in involving other children or family and friends within this ceremony, to mark this wonderful moment, and can include commitments to your beautiful new baby as you raise them in the best way possible.

My focus as a family celebrant is to create a friendly, loving ceremony filled with happiness, fun, can capture your beliefs, traditions, and desires for your day.

Coming of Age

Steeped in tradition to mark children and young adults reaching milestone birthdays, I can create a ceremony to revisit the love and values from the family.

Home or Building Blessing

As a Family Celebrant, I offer a simple yet poignant ceremony celebrating your first home or marking the transition from your final home into care.

I do this by creating the perfect words or rituals and providing you with the comfort you need when moving onto your next journey in life.

I can adapt these ceremonies to officiate and bless the opening of buildings.

Blended Family

I design these ceremonies with the mission to welcome a child or children into the family unit and to help them transition into the new family.    

I adore ceremonies with children and can capture vows and rituals, so that parents and their family and friends can support and acknowledge bringing those children into their new family; whilst recognising all family connections.      

This can be delightful for adoptive children who can also can be encompassed during a birthday party if you wish.

These ceremonies are charming when included in a wedding ceremony joining two families.

Gender & Sexual Recognition

If you wish to acknowledge and celebrate your individuality, then I would love the opportunity to create and conduct your bespoke ceremony however you want it, wherever you want to.  

I can include several elements of words and rituals to make your moment special for you and your family and friends.

Time To Say Goodbye

I believe the key to a respectful funeral, full of dignity and love, is to capture a meaningful memory which embraces each and every member of the family, both old and young alike; making your goodbye to your love one special.    

I am experienced in providing ceremonies, that ensure there is the upmost respect for those that have passed as well as the understanding to create ceremonies for those more complex and sensitive situations.

I do this through listening and supporting the family with sensitivity and respect. If you so wish I can continue to support the family through a series of short-term grief counselling sessions after the funeral on an individual private basis.

Graveside Burials
Internment Of Ashes

I believe that personality is so important when choosing the right celebrant for your event. As an independent family funeral celebrant my focus is on providing both support for the family and a quality and professional service.  

Equipped with skills and experience of working alongside families who have suffered a sudden loss or of a young member of the family, I provide dignity, respect and sensitivity to allow and capture precious memories, side by side with you.

The funerals I tend to lead are across West Somerset, Somerset and parts of Devon, but I am able to provide funeral services further afield

I want to ensure that all funerals I perform offer warmth, affection and capture the essence of your loved one in a caring and heartfelt way. I am keen to ensure that I am sensitive to everyone’s needs including those of any children present.  

Whilst a funeral can be held at either a graveside or a crematorium, I am able to work with you in any setting and work closely with your funeral director or via online direct funerals.

I am happy to include any religion, non-religion, or spiritual content as well as poems, readings, music, or tributes.  

Importantly I can conduct the funeral service to assist those who are struggling to come to terms with the death of their loved one, and I can tailor this to whomever attends. I can do this in a style that suits the personality of the departed in an eloquent, or joyous way regardless of an exclusive or large attendance.

Advanced Planning
Funeral Service

You may wish to do this to alleviate your family of this task when the time comes, to ease their grief.    

I am an expert in working with people at different stages of their life, and I can update the service as and when you wish.

My focus is to ensure that you have trust and faith that the final version of your treasured service will be presented to your family as you wished.

I can work with you to create your personalised funeral service in advance. This can be as early as you wish with a focus on your dignity, respect, charm, and personality.

Memorials &
End of Life

There are so many reasons to hold memorials and end of life ceremonies. These can be just for the immediate family, for a large number of guests or specific one for work colleagues.

I am an expert conducting these longer ceremonies giving, the guests more time to celebrate or reflect on the departed’s life.

I would ensure that the service is individual and offer both a traditional format or one that is unconventional whichever you wish.

Services can be conducted in a time to suit you whether that be a few months after the funeral or even longer.  

My ceremonies encompass respect, love, and memories to cherish.

I also have experience of working with organisations to provide workplace memorial ceremonies. These can be held at any time or type of venue.    

These kind of workplace memorials can help staff to understand their feelings and offer support at the loss of a colleague or client with an opportunity to grieve and to celebrate their life.

Mourning The Loss

I can provide this service regardless of whether I am your celebrant or not. Usually these sessions commence after the funeral.

After an initial assessment of your needs, I can either support you for an agreed set of weekly sessions or will signpost you onto another service.

The primary aim of our sessions together would be to help you come to terms with the loss of your loved one and the impact that may cause.    

As an independent professional in bereavement counselling I can support you on a private basis.

Pet Funerals

As a keen animal lover, I know how important pets are to us, and the sadness when a cherished pet dies. I can provide an individual written service for your pet whether that be for a pet burial, internment or scattering of their ashes.

Contact Me

Why not get in touch with me and find out how I can help you create and bring sunshine to your special moment.

Who I am

I am a fully trained Professional Celebrant who works independently giving you the freedom to include whatever you would like in your tailored ceremony, wherever you want it.

Based on Exmoor National Park near Minehead, West Somerset, United Kingdom I am passionate about serving the local community. I travel across the UK as well as West Somerset and I am a member of The Institute of Professional Celebrants and hold a CPD Higher Distinction Certificates in Bereavement Counselling, Advanced Counselling, Creative Writing and Wedding Planning.

After leading a senior management career within the criminal justice sector, mental health and learning disabilities services and whilst delivering specialist training and speeches for county councils, I then went on to own a hospitality and event venue.

My previous career history has enabled me to bring those proficient transferrable skills into my independent celebrant service.

My flair from dance, creative writing coupled with an eclectic style and personality allows me to offer a unique and trusted service.

I relish the moment of connecting with clients who wish to embrace their love, their life, their history, culture, diversity and importantly their unique ideas and choices with an openness to wanting more than a standard service.


  • Fully trained under The Institute of Professional Celebrants
  • NOCN Level 3 Certificate in Civil Celebrancy (in progress)
  • BA Honours Degree in Politics, History and Sociology from Exeter University
  • University’s Dean of Outstanding Performance
  • Trained by the BBC and Bramshill Police College in presentation and media skills
  • CPD Higher Distinction Certificates in Bereavement Counselling, Advanced Counselling, Wedding Planning & Creative Writing
  • Former IDTA ballroom and latin dancer

‘Bring me sunshine, in your smile
Bring me laughter, all the while
In this world where we live,
there should be more happiness,
So much joy can we give, to each brand-new bright tomorrow" written by Arthur Kent and Sylvia Dee


“Amanda is a loyal, empathetic and conscientious person. She gives 100% to any task assigned to her, and will execute each task with professionalism and dedication”

Lesley Scott

“Amanda is a joyous and considerate person who will cater for all celebrations”

Joanne Wynne Evans

“An enthusiastic and vibrant person who will bring laughter to any celebration”

S.Sgt Lisa Leighton


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