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Beautiful ceremonies to renew your vows

Renewing your vows is the perfect way to celebrate a milestone anniversary or any other occasion.

We’ve got you covered with everything from small ceremonies to large ones, and we can help you plan every detail of your ceremony so it’s as unique as you are.

Whether celebrating an anniversary or wanting to mark a milestone occasion or your journey of love with a small or large ceremony I offer advice on content, music, readings and poems - To make ceremonies as individual as you.

A renewal of vows or a blessing ceremony can be a beautiful way to cement what your marriages means to you both in a way that’s precious to you.


You don't have to be married for years before renewing your vows! If it's been less than 5 years since your wedding day then this is the perfect opportunity for a renewal ceremony that will make all those who were there on the first go-round feel like they're part of something special again.

And if it's been more than five years? Well then this is just another excuse for some new photos in front of a beautiful backdrop of choosing!

Let us know what kind of celebration you want and we'll do our best to make sure that happens!

Could we be the perfect fit? Contact us today at 07879 220 046 about how we can help create the perfect vow renewal experience for you and yours!

As a UK celebrant I offer a free no obligation 30 minute consultation.

Performing renewal of vows ceremonies across the UK including: Taunton, Bridgwater, Bristol, Somerset and Devon

Renew your wedding vows

Our Renewal of vows Ceremony options

Renewal Of Vows Celebrant Ceremony

Modern Stylish Renewal of Vows 

  • Initial consultation (after booking)
  • Creation of one-off personalised ceremony script
  • Includes special elements & rituals, if desired
  • Ceremony planning consultation & questionnaires
  • Access to my ‘client’ wedding resource page
  • Expert advice with content, music, readings, & poems
  • Support with writing vows and speeches, if desired
  • Dedicated & unlimited communication 
  • Ceremony conducted in your style
  • Available photographs
  • Full insurance
  • Available UK venues (with or without licences)
  • Available UK outdoor locations
  • Available 365 days a year, day, or evening
  • Amanda-Louise own label bottle of bubbly gift

What would you like to know?

Help and

Are you insured?

Yes we are fully insured with public liability insurance.

Is a Celebrant-led ceremony legal?

Not at the moment, but there is consultation currently undergoing to review the marriage law given it is out of date ie discrepancies.

Is a Celebrant wedding ceremony less real?

Certainly not! Signing the register is simply signing the legal paperwork. In my opinion, the most meaningful part of your wedding day is the words and rituals you pledge to each other, declaring your love and commitment in front of your family and friends. We cross our fingers the Government will agree to update the Marriage Law to open it up to choice.

Do you have to legalise your marriage?

No. A celebrant-led wedding ceremony celebrates your love and relationship, there is no need to legalise it if you do not wish to.

What do we need to do if we wish to have “legal” marriage?

Naturally, a wedding with a Minister or Registrar will be lovely, but neither can offer a 100% bespoke and personalised ceremony that couples will get with a Celebrant-led ceremony. They will not be able to offer rituals, nor outdoor services. Couples tend to sort their legalities (ie obtain marriage certificate within basic meeting beforehand with a Registrar, then have a personalised ceremony with Celebrant.

We wish to be “legally” married, what do I need to do?

Step One
Speak to me around the type of ceremony you dream of and look at dates. It's important to find the right Celebrant, to ensure the Celebrant is in tune with you.

Step Two
Find the Registry office that you wish to be “married” – in other words where you wish to be legally married. This can be any county I understand. Telephone the district council office, go to births, deaths & marriages, and telephone that department. Explain that you wish to book a BASIC STATUTORY LEGAL WEDDING CEREMONY (you do not need ceremony where you exchange vows etc; just the simple marriage ceremony). Majority of Council Registrars do not offer this service outside of their registry office, but some do ie in a hotel that has a wedding licence. You need to find out when they have availability and time, and book it. At the time of booking, you will need to pay the fees. Likely this booking is done over the telephone, as well as your payment.
The Registrar fees you are likely to pay for the basic statutory legal wedding ceremony is Registrar’s booking fee, their statutory basic ceremony fee and marriage certificate.

Step Three
Now you have your date of wedding ceremony, you need to GIVE NOTICE OF INTENT at the Registry office in the district where you live. Currently, the earliest you can do this is 3 months before the date of your marriage ceremony, but it MUST be done before 29 days. You will need to complete forms, and state where and when you are going to have your marriage ceremony ie legally married (not your celebrant wedding ceremony). The Registrar will charge fees for the notice of intent to the Registrar is £35 per person
(to note – you will have up to 12 months to then hold your legal marriage ceremony with registrar from date of intent)

Step Four
When you attend your basic statutory marriage ceremony you will need to bring with you:
Evidence to show nationality, address, and if married previously that you are divorced and able to marry again. Documents for example valid passports, driving licence with home address, and divorce certificate (if appropriate).You will also need to take two witnesses with you.

What happens if I need to cancel or postpone my wedding ceremony with you as Celebrant?

If it is because of lockdown, then likely to be no charge and you will be able to rebook another date.  

If you cancel outside of “lockdown” you are likely to lose some monies

Do Registrars create bespoke wedding ceremonies?

Not in the sense of what a Celebrant can.  Many Registrars offer either their traditional wedding ceremony or their “bespoke” one.   Their bespoke package offers 30 minutes of  

  • Vows (from chosen resource)
  • Up to 4 pieces of music – 2 of those will be used for signing of the register.
  • Exchange of rings

How is a Celebrant’s wedding ceremony different?

  • Can be conducted anywhere ie inside and outdoors (registrars can only conduct in registry office or licensed indoor venue)
  • Any time day or night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Can include any religion(s), spirituality, other beliefs, or none at all
  • Any music (and amount)
  • Any style ie traditional, celtic/spiritual/pagan, humour etc, wording, content (its all about you two, and your love story)
  • Include any poems, references, blessings, stories.
  • Any rituals*
  • Vows (written from scratch by Celebrant, or couple)
  • Signing of bespoke wedding ceremony certificate
  • Include any guests or children or pets within the ceremony itself (if desired)
  • Anything goes!

What rituals do you perform (example of Rituals by Amanda-Louise)*

These all point to forever love and harmony together, some celtic, some modern and can all be personalised to the couple and ceremony style.

  • Handfasting
  • Unity Sand
  • Rose
  • Signing of certificate
  • Exchanging rings
  • Exchange of Vows
  • Cutting Ribbon
  • Jumping the broom
  • Honey & Walnut
  • Blending of Drinks
  • Last Kiss, First Kiss
  • Chinese Tea
  • Unity Candle
  • Ring Warming
  • Quaich or Loving Cup
  • Breaking the Glass
  • Wine Box
  • Oath Stone
  • Bread, Salt & Wine
  • Wish Tree
  • Message in a Bottle
  • Wedding/golden crowns ‘stegona’

Can I have my Celebrant-led Ceremony at home?

Yes, if you want to. We can do this anywhere, so whether its up a mountain, on water, by lake/beach, or even in your garden – we are only restricted by your imagination!

Do you have a contract?

Yes, all my services have terms and conditions and agreement, which gives you security of booking, and data protection.  

Each element will have its own agreement/contract. Its shows Im a sole trader, registered with Inland Revenue.  

At present I am not VAT registered.

What is a Commitment Ceremony?

It’s very much like a wedding ceremony but it has no legal standing.  

Sometimes a couple will choose to have a commitment ceremony if one (or both) are still legally married and going through a lengthy divorce, but they want to make a spiritual commitment to their new partner.

Do you conduct same-sex ceremonies?

Absolutely Yes!

How far do you travel?

I am mainly booked in Somerset & the West Country as my main residence is on Exmoor but subject to availability I can travel further if required.

Where can I hold my ceremony?

Absolutely anywhere!

Do you conduct themed weddings?

Absolutely Yes but without the ‘cheese’.

What other types of ceremonies do you offer?

I can create any ceremony appropriate as you journey through life, for example baby naming, birthdays, weddings, blessings, pagan rituals, wedding vow renewals, anniversaries, moving home, coming of age, gender, change of name, divorce, funerals, memorials, pet funerals and officiating opening of new buildings/businesses to name but a few!

How do I book?

Please contact me to arrange a free 30 minute consultation.  

Call – 07879-220046  OR email

Always by your side

How my clients feel about me

We just wanted to thank you again for yesterday, it was such a lovely ceremony and we all thought you made the day. Thank you so much, With kind regards

Peter & Sophie, Bride & Groom - Taunton Somerset Wedding December

We just wanted to thank you again for yesterday, it was such a lovely ceremony and we all thought you made the day. Thank you so much, With kind regards

Peter & Sophie, Bride & Groom - Taunton Somerset Wedding December

Amanda is the most lovely celebrant & we couldn't be more happier that we had chosen her to be a part of our big wedding day which was in October 2021 :) With just days away from our big day, Amanda worked hard in order to prioritise getting our wedding script written up for our ceremony in 1 week which she did & did it perfectly & we are so grateful for all that she has done for us :) She made me & my partner feel very comfortable on the day, we had lots of banter & felt that she captured our love story perfectly & we loved all the other elements which were used in our ceremony from the lighting of candles to remember loved ones & the mixing of unity sand. All of the family & guests commented on how lovely & professional Amanda is & she truly was like one of our family. Me & my partner would just like to say that we would highly recommend Amanda for her services as she is a wonderful celebrant & lovely person all round & can guarantee that you will treasure some great memories. Thank you again Amanda xx

Shalima & Sukru, Bride & Groom from Dorset - Bournemouth Wedding October

We booked Amanda-Louise to be our celebrant and what an amazing day it was! Amanda’s communication is second to none and I never felt as though I had to chase for any responses or updates, which made the experience stress free. On the day of our wedding, Amanda greeted me before I went into the ceremony room and assured me everything from the layout to the guests arrival had gone to plan and we were ready to start the ceremony. We wanted to include traditions from mine and my partners heritage (British and Greek) and Amanda captured the balance perfectly. My partners family were amazed to see Greek traditions included in our ceremony, which gave it that special touch. The ceremony (completely written by Amanda) was so personal and was everything we could have hoped for. Amanda was absolutely brilliant and went above and beyond for me and Zakk. Amanda does a variety of ceremonies, so we will definitely be booking her in the future. Thank you so much for making our day simply perfect.

Chelsea & Zakk, Bride & Groom from Greece & UK - Wedding in Somerset August

Thank you very much for sending and emailing the funeral service script. You have been so helpful during this whole process and I would recommend you and your services to everyone. Take care. Kind regards

Lynn Mann - Funeral Celebrant Services - September

Bespoke ceremony our guests loved - Amanda-Louise did a great job of working with us to learn our stories and what we wanted from the ceremony and incorporate them into a personal script. She worked with us right up until the day before the wedding making last minute tweaks and adjustments. Our guests called out how unique the ceremony was, and appreciated the good humor she injected.

Kaitlyn & Theo, Bride & Groom from USA - Wedding July in Devon

I just wanted to thank you for sending through your ceremony script for dad's funeral. It was presented so beautifully and the personal letters to us all was a really thoughtful touch. I know mom is great full too, and she thought you did a wonderful job of presenting the ceremony and celebrating dad's remarkable life. He truly was one of lifes funny and happy people. In addition your support and gentle manner on the day of dad's funeral hasn't gone unnoticed either. Thank you for introducing yourself to my son Louie, and offering him some reassuring words as well as noticing the scarf he was wearing for his grandad. Warm regards,

Donna Webber - Funeral Celebrant Services - September

I was a photographer at a beautifully led wedding ceremony by Amanda in Dorset back in October. She was an absolute pleasure to work with, making it very easy for me to get the images I needed to make sure my clients were very happy! Amanda allowed me to get in close to get those intimate shots and unique angles. She also gave me a very good briefing as I was hired at last minute and it was far from a traditional wedding ceremony! I would highly recommend Amanda as a wedding celebrant if you are looking for someone professional, caring and will make your ceremony very rememberable :)

Ben Braybrooke Photographer - Review of Amanda-Louise Knight Wedding Celebrant Services - Bournemouth October

The wedding vows really got to us, very well written and they revealed to me how important they both are to each other – Chris & Emily. The wedding ceremony was so special, it was so nice to have both your heritages incorporated - Steve & Nicky WOW, Amanda-Louise the speeches & the emotions – such a beautiful and memorable wedding service - Natasha. Loved the speeches, brought tears to our eyes. Seeing the knots being tied and the honey and walnut ritual was great to see. Such a wonderful ceremony - the Skinner Family. The wedding ceremony was beautiful and personal. I loved the tying of the knot and how all the family was involved - Lisa Mason & Phil Nutman

Wedding Guests – Somerset Wedding August {Celebrant and Toastmaster )

Oh, my goodness that service was so them, it was beautiful - Linda Woollaston (mother of the groom). It was a beautiful day and ceremony, Mollie looked stunning as always too - Becci Roseff, Chief Bridesmaid. Such a beautiful ceremony - Julia Pope. What an amazing wedding - Janee Irwin-Davies

Wedding Guests – Cotswolds Wedding July {Wedding Celebrant and Evening Toastmaster}

Thank you for your pack with Dad's service details. It was presented brilliantly and was great to read over. Thank you again for your touch on things. Unfortunately you (as a Professional Funeral Celebrant) are someone I hope not to see again in the near future but if I do, I know the ceremony is in the best of hands x

Dean - Funeral Celebrant Services - September

Amanda was the perfect celebrant. She managed to write our ceremony after just couple conversations & a questionnaire. She accommodated all our requests & guided us when we were unsure. We felt she captured our story, our personalities & our love of each other perfectly with lots light-hearted humour and just enough romance for us. On the day Amanda was warm & helpful She made us both feel comfortable, and she fitted in as part of the family.

Mollie and Matt, Bride & Groom from Somerset (Owners of Quantock Marquees & Country Bumpkins Caterers) - Cotswolds Wedding July {Wedding Celebrant & Evening Toastmaster}

I wanted to say how lovely the service was. I loved what you said, and it was just right for Dad. You were so professional, considerate, and caring and both me and Mum felt looked after by yourself and by the Funeral Directors Friendship & Sons.

Heather - Funeral Celebrant Services - July

The wedding ceremony was beautiful and personal. I loved the tying of the knot and how all the family was involved.

Lisa & Phil

Loved the speeches, brought tears to our eyes. Seeing the knots being tied and the honey and walnut ritual was great to see. Such a wonderful ceremony

The Skinner Family

Wow, Amanda-Louise the speeches & the emotions – such a beautiful and memorable wedding service


The wedding ceremony (of Chelsea & Zakk) was so special, it was so nice to have both your heritages incorporated.

Steve & Nicky

Your vows really got to us. Very well written and they revealed to me how important you both are to each other.

Chris & Emily

It was a pleasure to work alongside Amanda-Louise on a recent wedding. She was very well organised, calm and professional throughout. Thank you!!

Tom Elleray Professional Equipment Wedding Supplier - July

At a time when as a family we were in the depths of sorrow at our loss Amanda - Louise arrived. It was as if the weight of trying to make sure that my husbands life was remembered and honoured was completely understood by Amanda and we all relaxed. Our memories were brought to life in the service and I found it such a comfort. We all felt totally safe opening our hearts to her and were so impressed in the skills she has and empathy she has to understand how we all felt.

Claire Woodland - Funeral Celebrant Services - April

Amanda is a loyal, empathetic and conscientious person. She gives 100% to any task assigned to her, and will execute each task with professionalism and dedication.

Lesley Scott - Review of Event Planner Services

An enthusiastic and vibrant person who will bring laughter to any celebration

Staff Sgt Lisa Leighton - Review Event Planner Services

I have had the great pleasure of working with Amanda-Louise on several occasions and she is such a fun, charismatic Celebrant that would enhance any celebration, be it happy or sad. She’s a delight to work with and beautifully creative. Using her great life skills and experience, she relishes in crafting a fabulous ceremony that will be so personal to you, whether you’re looking for serious or fun, you won’t be disappointed.

Tracey Schoales Midlands Celebrant Review of Amanda-Louise Knight West Country Wedding Celebrant

A friend recommended Amanda-Louise to be the celebrant at my mother’s funeral. Like most people in my position I found the prospect of organising not only a funeral but my own mother’s funeral during Covid19 times. But Amanda-Louise was absolutely amazing. She was so caring, compassionate, understanding and most of all friendly. She listened intently to the type of funeral service we required (I didn’t know there were so many options), made notes, asked questions to get to know not only us but my mother too – consequently offered suggestions. The result was amazing if you could say a funeral was perfect – this was genuinely it. I can’t put into words how grateful I am to Amanda – Louise’s professional and compassionate approach to a very emotional event. Whatever the event if I could employ Amanda-Louise again I would have no hesitation whatsoever.

Julie Parker - Funeral Celebrant Services - August

I have now directed three funeral ceremonies with Amanda-Louise, who has a gift for personalising a ceremony with such enthusiasm, compassion and grace, always with fine attention to detail

Mark Kingston-James, Minehead, Somerset Hedley Price Funeral Director Review of Amanda-Louise Knight Funeral Celebrant Services

I cannot praise Amanda enough. Clearly professional in her role she brought direction and comfort in equal measure, and yes, some humour to a very special Celebration of Life. A separate session with the young children attending gave them a role in the proceedings and an understanding of the meaning of the meeting. I recommend her services for any celebration, happy or sad.

Dudley Price - Funeral Celebrant Services - October

Beautiful service for my late husband John. Amanda did him proud, she took the service with feeling and respect. Thank you Amanda.‍

Pippa Buckner - Funeral Celebrant Services - November

Amanda had the difficult job of creating a beautiful ceremony that brought together many different parts of our lost loved ones life. She rung up and spoke to each sibling to get stories and details needed for the ceremony. I never felt more at ease knowing she was the celebrant for the funeral. What she came up with was beautiful and she treated my dad with the upmost respect and honour. She made a bad day manageable and it was simply beautiful.

Hollie Coles - Funeral Celebrant Services - January

Amanda-Louise was from the outset very friendly, caring and thoughtful. Such a good service provided to us in our time of grief and the service was more than we than we could have expected. I feel like I have know her for years and that if I ever need to talk she will be there for me.

Lesley Willsher - Funeral Celebrant Services - February

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