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Are you looking for a wedding ceremony that has been tailor made just for you that becomes the highlight of your day?

I believe weddings don't have to cost the world, so my prices are competitive plus I'll give you so much more value.

I love being a Celebrant. In fact Im an award winning and experienced Celebrant, with over 30 years as a public speaker trained by the BBC, had formal celebrant training and as creative writer. But importantly, I love getting to know my clients and curating something that mirrors what they mean to one another; each one as unique as they are. I go the extra mile to ensure your wedding service is not about a boring moment while we get the job done!

You will have no restrictions on time, location or content. I can help you include any (or all) of your guests within the ceremony (and before we start) in a variety of ways if you wish. I'm experienced at incorporating many religions and cultures too, including international or celtic rituals and modern ones too that I will weave it smoothly to deliver your love story - not only in content spoken but visual aspects too, to make it an unforgettable moment in life.

I will engage with all your guests, to ensure that they feel part of this special time as you say your I dos. And as I'm not a newbie Celebrant, it means I will ensure everything will be meticulously planned and delivered seamlessly.

So are you dreaming of a traditional "official looking" ceremony with certificate to sign, or a modern more relaxed service full of love, life and laughter or perhaps something in between? Then I would love to be your perfect Celebrant!


Using a good Celebrant to write and conduct your wedding, gives you the ultimate flexibility to have a wedding celebration ceremony just as you want it, and I give you the freedom to choose.

Not only a service written to match the tone you want to set, you can write your own vows, or I will happily help you with this. If you wish to have a fully religious service, that's fine as I can deliver every belief, even if you want to have a small part that is belief based. You can choose your own hymns, sing-along, poems, readings or I can help you with my abundance of resources to find whats perfect.

Hand-tying or celtic hand-fasting ritual is very popular, and my favoured style is a modern variation of this spiritual element. But there are so many to choose from, from candles, sand to cocktails which I carefully weave in at the right moment during the ceremony so that its meaningful, both in the spoken word and visually too.

Wedding ring exchange can be traditional or I can write you special words; after all Im renowned for traditional "official style" weddings as well as modern easy going celebrations that burst with laughter and tears (happy ones of course!)

And with me as your Celebrant, I also offer to provide a beautiful wedding ceremony certificate (in various styles) for you and your witnesses to sign, which provides a fab photo opportunity.

I'd love to conduct your wedding ensuring everything goes smoothly from a professional, but if you want your best friend to deliver it, thats fine, as I can simply write your ceremony and coach your best friend how to deliver it.


We'll have an initial online meeting to see if we have the right connection, I will listen to your story and your ideas for your wedding, and I will explain how I will make your wedding service be one of the best!

Once you've booked me (as an established business I have a booking form, terms and conditions and invoice for 25% of total fee which is deducted on final balance due) once that's sorted, the fun begins!

I will send you two questionnaires to complete as much as you can, which helps me write your ceremony.

After getting to know you I will write your bespoke ceremony and send it to you, so see what you think and I can make any amendments.  We will have talked about any special elements you may want to include and how I can style them to match your tone and style of the ceremony. Plus we will have talked about the length of time you wish your ceremony to be for (usually this is around 30 minutes, but I have been asked for 60 minutes before).

04. i want to make your Wedding ceremony the highlight of your day!

I will arrive on the day in good time, and can bring along my pa equipment if needed (its wireless and blue tooth so can be used to play your music through also). I ensure everything is in order and come and talk to you before we start to relieve any nerves.

Photographers love me, stage management is very important so I''ll gesture to where you all need to stand, I'm out of shot for that all important kiss moment!

After  delivering your ceremony with refinement and heartfelt warmth and smiles, I will remain for some photos if desired and then discreetly leave (unless of course you have booked my team as wedding planners on the day or you want me to be your Toastmaster/MC compere to make those all important announcements).

And importantly, your wedding ceremony Ive just officiated will set the tone and style of the rest of your day and evening, your guests will be cheering "that was so them" your family will be mopping their tears (happy ones) so bring on the celebrations!

And all this starts with you saying hello to me! I cant wait to meet you to begin our journey

Is Amanda-Louise Knight your perfect Wedding Officiant?......Find Out By Booking A Free No Obligation Chat Today & Say Hello With Amanda-Louise

Wedding celebrant services


Amanda-Louise Knight Award Winning Experienced Celebrant makes it easy for you to choose the right Wedding Ceremony for you, available nationwide!
Weddings dont have to cost the earth, so below find our packages with example costs, or if you want something different, no problem let us know and we will tailor make something special for you!

Classic Script Writing

This package is for those who want a professional wedding ceremony expertly written for them, BUT you want your best friend to officiate and conduct it.

This package includes:-

  • Online meeting you to discuss your vision.
  • My unique love story questionnaire to capture your memories & what you mean to each other, and logistics questionnaire to aid with planning & ensure gendered language & pronouns are right, for you to complete and return
  • ‍‍My expertise to write your draft ceremony script (typically 20 mins service for your best friend to present) to include any readings, poems or sing-along for you to consider, content about marriage and what you mean to one another, ring and vow exchange; agree and will modify draft once to produce your final ceremony script in PDF format
  • Opportunity to have One hour online zoom coaching support for your best friend to help them overcome any nerves, share top tips plus they can practice delivering it in readiness for your big day (additional fee £50)
Investment From £500

Premium All Inclusive

This package is for those for want an unique wedding ceremony written to include content about marriage, friendship, your love story, personal vows and promises, ability to have rituals/special elements, and conducted by Specialist Professional Celebrant, Amanda-Louise Knight.

This package comes with advice and guidance and includes:

  • Meeting you to discuss your vision. Agree service duration time, and style.
  • Couple questionnaires to complete (your love story and logistics)
  • My extensive library of poems and readings for you to choose if you want to include any, or you choose your own!
  • Include ritual creation (if required)
  • Providing you with an authentic professionally curated wedding ceremony script written that shouts you, that has been expertly weaved together so it flows seamlessly.
  • To include writing, or supporting you to write, your personal vows and personal ring exchange words
  • Ability to include my expertise to weave in your love story within the ceremony (if required) My expertise to write your final wedding service script that shouts you!  
  • Ceremony delivery
  • Ability  to include some little touches that mean so much - shown in "Signature Extras Package"
Investment 2024 From £650

Signature Extras

Available to make the moment with a touch of luxury and to keep the nerves at bay!

Choices includes:-

  • A4 Wedding Ceremony Certificate deigned and printed on quality card to either match your flowers or colours, or alternatively traditional in look. Will be available in a formal folder in readiness for Couple and Amanda-Louise Knight Wedding Officiant to sign and also your Witnesses too (if desired) - Price £45
  • Professionally designed and printed your bespoke A5 Vow Booklets to read from (designed to match your flowers or colours) - Price £45
  • Hire of my premium white wedding arch with professionally created faux flowers beautifully styled around the arch to include white lanterns for your wedding altar and aisle (I bring these with me and remove after ceremony) Price £125
  • Biodegradable Rice Paper Confetti (you can never have enough!) 20 boxes Price £25
  • Use of my pa equipment during ceremony. Price £25
  • Wedding Rehearsal for Wedding Party (doesn't have to be at venue) Guidance of what to do, where to stand, how to walk, what to do with hands plus other etiquette etc. Helps with timing, eases nerves and stage management for great photo shots on the big day. Price £75 for up to 1 hour, plus mileage
  • Ritual Props - see below for choices
  • Additional wedding services available - see below for options
  • Professionally designed and printed Wedding Ceremony Order of Service A5 booklets. Price from £150 for set up and 50 copies printed
Investment From As Shown

Welcome to the journey of creating your perfect ceremony with me as your Celebrant. It starts with a free up to 45 minutes chat together, and you can choose either over the telephone, zoom, facetime or in person. This allows for us to get to know each other.

Should you decide I am the right Celebrant for you, then I will send you a contract and invoice as booking fee of 25% of the total (which is deducted on your outstanding balance) which secures the booking. Then the fun begins, and Im available to support you from day one!

I will send you two questionnaires for your 'homework' one is logistics based, the other is about you two and what you mean to each other. You will also receive an extensive list of ideas of what we could include within your service.

From around 6 months before your wedding, I will check if I have all your ideas and information and start to write your draft ceremony script for your approval, and we can make any changes so its perfect.

As the big day approaches I will have liaised with your photographer and videographer, so we are all working in harmony and your venue too.

We can have a wedding rehearsal (doesnt have to be at the venue) but failing that, I will speak to all the key people on the wedding morning to lessen the nerves!
As an experienced Celebrant and professional puiblic speaker for over 30 years, I will arrive in good time on your wedding day, carry out my final checks, greet your guests so they feel engaged from the very beginning, and conduct your wedding in the tone and style you desire. (Plus you wont worry as Im not a newbie, I can handle any distractions during the ceremony should they happen!)

There you have it, one beautiful wedding ceremony journey, stress free and in the hands of an award winning professional you can trust, with fabulous memories you will look back on.

My fees include my Celebrant expertise to curate an authentic wedding ceremony that you will remember for years, and your guests will be in awe of!
Where appropriate includes my mileage to your wedding venue on the day up to 40 miles.
For meetings at your venue, or face to face with you (ie not via zoom) or rehearsal mileage is chargeable at 45p per mile
Depending on location, it may incur travel fee, accommodation or flight costs

RITUAL PROPS CHOICES/PRICES (list not exhaustive but gives you some ideas):-
The package fee includes content writing but not actual any of the props required.
Handtying/Handfasting - Ribbons - from £5
Unity Sand Blending - Vessels and Sand POA
Guest Message Cards (incorporated part of marriage advice) - from £10
Hire of bespoke broom (for jumping of the broom) can be decorated with your flowers - £20
Cocktail Blending - POA
Honey & Walnut - £10
Donating to Planting Tree in Memory Incorporated Into Ceremony - from £20
Breaking of the Glass - POA
Rose Exchange - £10
Unity Candle - POA

Somerset Wedding Day Dog Chaperone Service - supporting you to have your furry baby at your wedding or pet sitting
Wedding Day Chaperone- supporting an elderly guest, can collect, and be their plus one throughout the wedding and transport back home safely
Independent Wedding Planning or On the Day Wedding Coordination (sourcing suppliers and managing your day so you can enjoy)
Hire of wedding furniture, or props
Wedding Couple Website Created - ideal to share all your details of your wedding with your guests

What would you like to know?

Help and

Are you qualified?

We are qualified Celebrants having undergone large financial investment with training with a recognised training provider (ICPC) and are associated with other training providers for continual development. We have also invested in other areas such as creative writing, presentation skills and public speaking. And with experience having officiated a large quantity of services, all different, enables our creativity to flourish and our own resources to grow. Amanda-Louise now supports other celebrants to gain knowledge.

Whilst there isnt any wedding planner qualifications by an official body in the UK, but we have trained in this area and very experienced.

For our Somerset Wedding Day Dog chaperone service, the team are experienced with dogs of all sizes and behaviours, undergone pet training and first aid.

As an Event Compere, MC or Toastmaster. Amanda-Louise was trained by the BBC and been a public speaker for over 30 years accustomed from small to large audiences over thousand.

Will you take over decisions and our day?

No this is your day, and we work with you closely to fully understand your vision.

As a reputable professional and experienced wedding and event specialists, should we need to make decisions on the day, we will consult with you and if thats not a possibility, then of course we will make the right decisions to ensure everything goes smoothly!

Why should we choose Amanda-Louise Knight to be our Celebrant?

Amanda-Louise is a qualified and highly experienced Celebrant. She founded this business with the desire to support couples offering choice of how to have their wedding day and their ceremony too. She's been a trained public speaker for over 30 years speaking in public from small groups to those over thousand in numbers, so she knows how to engage with audiences. And she's won awards too!

As a seasoned professional. she also coaches other Celebrants and Business leaders in their skill set and business aims.

She's had the honour of writing and conducting ceremonies for couples with different ethnicity to her own, those from a variety of religions, ages, sexual orientation and those who identify with another gender, all going to her wanting a bespoke ceremony that that heartfelt moment in their wedding day, which shines their tone and style.

She uses her creativity, imagination and experience to write and create a celebration for every client. She gets to know her clients, understands their stories, their hopes and dreams for the future and curates words that often guests say 'that was so them'. She's gifted to acknowledge absent family members, and can include family and friends, music, singing, poems, fun, laughter with the right balance of love and seriousness of such an important occasion.

She writes vows and promises that are meaningful just for her clients, and doesnt tell the guests that she has written it for them!

But she doesnt work in isolation. She works with her clients so that the end result is something they are looking forward to.

And she's there throughout guiding couples about weddings if they need help.

As you would expect, her flair delivering the ceremonies is high standard. She is there with smiles and really absorbed into what this moment means to you both, and will support you to know where to stand, when to move so lessen the nerves!

She's experienced of having to think on her feet during weddings when disruptions have occurred unexpectedly, so that it continues with ease and flow.

And for those who want something different, she gives thought to how to make that work. For example she was asked by a couple to incorporate handcuffs in their service, which she was able to do - they were prison officers, or how to have client's favourite tipple in the ceremony where she weaved it in with words about the blending of two different parts becoming one, and often gets asked to incorporate the whole congregation to be involved during the ceremony within a traditional wedding structure.

The planning journey is often filled with laughter, and getting to know her clients. They rely on her reassurance and confidence on the day, so they can enjoy that special moments.

Whilst her preferred style is traditional with modern touches, you wont find her in a pair of wellies in a muddy field, or conducting a very spiritual ceremony; as her strength is in elegant ceremonies with warm personality for those seeking a luxury service.

..........and for those who feel this isnt the perfect fit for them, we at Amanda-Louise Knight have other team members as celebrants - as we said we adore choice!

To find out more about Amanda-Louise, the team, and the business, hop over to 'Who Are We' on the top navigation bar to catch up on our stories......

We want to write our own vows, is that okay?

Yes of course - Amanda-Louise will guide you when writing your own personal vows, or she can write them for you as many couples tell her they are unable to express their words or feelings onto paper. So she'll gain your information from our branded questionnaires as this gives you to opportunity to share all those memories and what you mean to one another, then Amanda-Louise does her magic and curates them into your vows for you to consider.

Im really nervous about speaking during my ceremony or giving a speech at our wedding reception, can you help?

Even those who are experienced in speaking in public, get nervous when it comes to their wedding – after all its an emotional day.

Amanda-Louise will have your vows printed card paper, so that you read from them.

She will break own those magical words of wedding intent or exchanging rings, and ask you to repeat after her.

And rest assured, you will have built up a great rapport together, she'll be by your side, reassuring you and calming any nerves or tension if they arise.

For those who dread giving a speech at the wedding reception, Amanda-Louise offers 1:1 coaching to bring you confidence as well as help writing your speech.

Does the venue have to be licensed for weddings using a Celebrant?

No, we can officiate your personalised wedding service in a licensed or non licensed venue, as there are no restrictions placed on us, unlike a Registrar.

This means we often get booked to go to unusual venues such as museums, castles, zoos, galleries, or somewhere special to you such as the beach, a park, a field, in the air, or even your own home for example. we can be with you anywhere you fancy - even on water if that floats your boat!

How long does our celebrant-led ceremony have to be?

As long or as short as you want, as there are no set rules. Amanda-Louise will write it from scratch, so you wont feel rushed or bored. She's often asked to write a wedding ceremony lasting around 30 mins, but it can be shorter or longer. The longest service she has officiated is 60 mins at the request of the couple.

We are a multi-cultural couple; how can we include both our heritages or religons?

We love learning about different cultures and traditions.  

Amanda-Louise has been honoured to work with many couples from many faiths and different ethnicities.  

She has incorporated Muslim beliefs, Greek traditions, Celtic rituals, Christian, Catholic, Turkish and Jewish to name but a few. We can do this in words or blessings from all religions or beliefs, and incorporate a range of cultural wedding traditions; from English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish and from international countries. She will talk through how to bring in whats important to you into your wedding ceremony.

Is there any restrictions on poems, readings, or blessings?

If you wish to include any, Amanda-Louise recommends up to 3 within a 30-minute wedding ceremony.  Read her blog with over 200 to choose from (from romantic, funny,child-friendly, about marriage, friendship, from literature and films) or ask me for my latest discoveries.  Or let her know if you have your own favourites.

Readings, poems or blessings are a lovely touch to any ceremony, so its important to ensure that the right ones are chosen to fit the tone and style of your service. Amanda-Louise will advocate for you to ask a guest member to read them, as its always a nice touch to have other involvement in your special moment, or she can read it if you prefer.

Is there any restrictions for photography or videography?

I do not have any restrictions of any kind, however, its worth checking with your venue.   I work well with other suppliers, and happy for them to move freely wherever to get the best shots of your happy occasion.  And I aim not to photo bomb your kiss photograph!  

What is handfasting – is that something you do?

Yes I love this ritual!  I like to use ribbons, rather than cords, as they hang better.  This special element is where ‘tying of the knot’ phrase comes from, and likely your ancestors took part in handtying before exchanging rings became popular, as a sign of their bond together.  And that’s what it is,tying of ribbons around your hands or wrists (along with some special words)and when you step back, the ribbons have tied and your guests clap!

Handfasting is one of the special elements I can incorporate into your wedding ceremony. Ask me about the others – Ive got traditional, and modern ones too.

When do you arrive on the day?

As your chosen Celebrant, we aim to be there one hour before the ceremony starts. That way we can introduce ourselves to your guests, and the key people involved in your ceremony, plus we carry out checks that all is in order to commence the ceremony.

What do you wear?

In our business, we encourage all our team members to be authentic and comfortable. During your wedding day, we will be dressed in smart casual attire, and of course, we are happy to talk to you about this if you wish ie if you have preferred colours or restrictions on clothing items for example.

Our team from our Somerset Wedding Day Dog Chaperone Service, they wear our branded navy polo shirts and often found in jeans as more fitting working with your furry babies; however if you want us to wear trousers then just let us know!

How far in advanced should we book with you?

I recommend you book me as soon as you know the date of your wedding to ensure my availability. Many of my clients book 18 months to 6 months in advance. But its always worth checking first about availability.

Do you accept bookings at short notice?

Occasionally and is dependent upon availability, so worth checking. I have cleared my entire diary before and written from scratch a wedding within one week, working a multitude of hours in those 7 days! However to be sure you have the date of your dreams, I recommend booking me in advance.

Whats the difference having a Church, Registry or Independent Celebrant or Humanist Wedding Ceremony?

Church is religious ceremony, and often in traditional buildings, so the ceremony will have religious context. The CofE Churches can legally marry you (although the paperwork is dealt with by the Registry Service)

Registry Office (or known as Registration Services) is non religious, often shorter more simplicity ceremony of pre-written script, do not get to meet Registrar beforehand or have rehearsal, however they can legally marry the couple (if they meet their criteria). A Registry office wedding is not bespoke or personalised. The Registrar is a staff member of the council. Their ceremonies are often held in the local Registry offices which do vary in building structure. Alternatively you can book a Registrar to go out to your wedding venue, provided that venue holds a licence; but this will elevate their costs somewhat.

Celebrant ceremony is the only truly personalised wedding ceremony, as they are written from scratch for the client. It can include any religions or none at all. Infact it can include any aspect or elements. It can be structured to a 'traditional' format, or a modern one or even a spiritual structure such as a handfasting ceremony. Couples will have spent time with their Celebrant beforehand, getting to know them and an experienced Celebrant will be an artist of story telling ie your story and captured in the tone and style you wish. They will give suggestions and options how to weave in certain elements.

Humanist ceremony is a non religious service. They are similar to an Independent Celebrant but will not add in any religious context or rituals.

Both Celebrants and Humanists can officiate ceremonies in licensed or non licensed wedding venues, including public spaces such as parks or beaches or in your own home. They can conduct during the day or evening 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

To note: Currently (although the Government is looking into this) in England and Wales certain religious leaders such as Muslim or Jewish Leaders etc or Celebrants and Humanists cannot legally marry anyone. Couples will simply book in at their Registry Office the 2+2 basic ceremony (often held on one day a week in slots of 10 minutes) where the couple gain their marriage certificate. It costs around £57. You do not have to exchange rings or say vows if you do not want to, but the Registrar does have to say a few official words out loud. You can do this before or after your Celebrant or Humanist wedding ceremony date.

Have you any videos of weddings, proposals or events?

Or head over to our business You Tube Channel - there are lots of videos and you can subscribe to our Channel too!

Can We Meet You Before We Book You?

Of course!

We are available for you to book a 1:1 online zoom call with us, its free and no obligation to book us after that if you decide we are not your perfect match.

If We Need To Cancel Our Event With You, Will We Get Our Booking Fee Back?

The booking fee covers any administration and guarantees the date for you. When you pay the booking fee you can cancel within 14 days and the booking fee will be returned to you (less any works we have already started on your behalf). After 14 days the booking fee is non refundable.

Please refer to our terms and conditions (found in our 'Policies' page located under our main navigation bar 'Who Are We' or, we now send this document out with our booking form to all our clients who want to book with us so you will have it to hand.

If for any reason you wish to cancel us, please let us know at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

Can You Hold The Date For Us?

Dates are held on a first come first served basis, and some popular dates can get booked up well in advance. We always recommend to book us asap even if it seems such a long way off as it secure the date.

Our updated procedure is once clients have returned their signed booking form and paid their booking fee, we email confirming the date is still available and secured with us.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. When we provide you with our quotation, it will include any travel or accommodation costs if applicable. However if our clients want to add on any extra services we supply after they have booked with us, that's fine, as we simply confirm this in writing and update our invoice payment schedule.

Whats Your Process?

These can be found in our terms and conditions (found on our page 'Policies' under 'Who Are We' on the top navigation bar.)

In brief :-

It starts with saying hello booking a 30 minute non obligation free consultation chat with us to discover if we are a perfect match.

We will send you our scope with quotation for you to consider. For our dog chaperone service, you can gain a quotation by using our online form.

If you happy with our quotation, you let us know.

We then send you our terms and conditions document, booking form and invoice for our booking fee.

You read the terms and conditions and if you are happy with those, you complete the booking form and sign it and return that to us. This now becomes your contract in agreement of the terms and conditions. You pay the booking fee.

Then once we have your completed signed booking form and your booking fee received, we email you back to confirm that your booking is secure in our diary, and the contract is "live".

Do You Have Terms & Conditions And Policies & Procedures?

Yes we do, these are found in our Page Called 'Policies' found in the navigation bar 'Who Are We' - these will show our policies and our terms and conditions of booking

Does the venue have to be licensed for weddings?

The advantage of using a Celebrant for your wedding ceremony, is you can book a licensed or non licensed wedding venue. Plus there are so many alternative places such as zoos, museums, on a boat, on the beach, by a lake or riverside, in the park, at your own home - infact almost nowhere is impossible!

Do you provide a Wedding Order of Service Booklet?

Yes we can do this. We work with you where we professionally design and print orders of service. Just Amanda-Louise for more information.

Can we hire from you a Wedding Ceremony Arch?

Yes you can, subject to availability. We have white oval shaped arches (although we can source circular ones too) and these have been professionally decorated in quality faux flowers. Click here for our dedicated page on items that are available to hire from us

Can you help me decorate my wedding aisle?

Yes we can!

We hire lanterns to decorate your wedding ceremony area, and can provide faux or fresh petals

And we also hire our white wedding arches which have been professionally styled with quality faux flowers.

Ask Amanda-Louise for more details

Do you provide a certificate for our wedding ceremony?

Yes we can do.

Amanda-Louise will create a personalised certificate of commitment or blessing which you and your two witnesses can sign during your wedding ceremony, which many couples like to have to, with an ideal moment for a photo opportunity or time for a piece of music to be played.

The certificate is not a legal document.

Who will arrange the seating for our wedding ceremony?

We are happy to support you with this.

Let us know the names of those who wish to have reserved seating for (and we can guide you with the etiquette of who sits where if you need assistance)

Consider if the wedding party wants to sit down during the service, including the couple.

Do I have to be given away in our wedding ceremony?

Its your day your way!

You choose how you wish to enter your wedding service. You may wish to walk in alone, or with a family member or friend, or enter as a couple. You can decide if any of your wedding party will walk in before or after you. Alternatively the wedding couple could enter the ceremony space before all of their guests.

During the planning journey, Amanda-Louise will discuss the options with you and listen to your ideas. She will also ask about how you wish to be introduced in terms of content ie 'who gives away', 'who presents...' and so on, or whether you wish to leave that element out altogether.

Can the wedding ceremony be in another language?

As Celebrants we do not have the same restrictions upon us as a Registrar does. Amanda-Louise is happy to conduct the ceremony in English and can work with an interpreter who then translates into another language at the same time. Alternatively, we can have your ceremony words translated and shown on a screen so your guests can follow it.

What happens if I run late to my wedding ceremony?

Things happen. As a professional Celebrant, Amanda-Louise will focus her time on you so is flexible. She will be filling time with your guests and will be liaising with your wedding coordinator. She wont leave, and will ensure your beautiful ceremony is officiated as planned when you arrive.

How do we choose what will happen in our ceremony?

After booking with Amanda-Louise, you will be sent our 2 unique questionnaires for you to complete and return. One is about sharing your special memories (we like to call this your love story questionnaire!) and the other one is about logistics. These help Amanda-Louise to fully understand your desired tone and style, and supports her in her writing curating your ceremony content.

You will also be sent a list of special elements and rituals that you might like to include in your ceremony.

You will be able to choose any music and readings (and you are not restricted on their content) and who will read those.

You can write your own vows, or Amanda-Louise can help you or write them for you. She can also write personal words if you wish to exchange rings. You can also opt to have a certificate to sign.

You can decide how you wish to enter and exit your ceremony, including your guests

You can also choose if you wish the service to be live streamed, photographed or recorded on video.

Amanda-Louise will work in collaboration with you to design your perfect wedding ceremony format, as well as the length of ceremony time you desire.

Once Amanda-Louise has all the information she requires, she will prepare a draft ceremony carefully considering which elements should go where within the ceremony so it flows seamlessly. She aims to send this to you four weeks before the wedding, for you to consider, and she will amend it until its perfect.

Can Celebrants Perform legal Ceremonies?

Currently the UK Law states that Independent Celebrants cannot yet perform legally binding ceremonies. This means if the couple want to be legally married, they complete the functional aspect of the legal requirement or civil partnership formalities at a Registry Office by simply booking a 2+2 basic ceremony costing about £57 taking 2 witnesses with them. This takes about 10 minutes in time, and you do not have to say vows, but the Registrar will need to say a few legal words. The Registry Office typically runs these types of legal services during one day of the week which you book in advance your slot. Thats it, the legal part is done, leaving you to have your wedding ceremony separately with a Celebrant of your choice who will provide you with a personal ceremony of your choice.

Alternatively you could arrange for the Registrar to come out to your wedding venue (provided it is licensed as the Law currently stands) and they conduct the legal paperwork, then the Celebrant takes over. But this is not as cost effective option.

NB - Currently the Government are considering updating the Marriage Law Act, so legislation may change in the future. Hopefully they will look how other countries successfully have Celebrants performing the legal aspects, without having to separate the process.

Do we have to legalise our marriage?

No. A celebrant-led wedding ceremony celebrates your love and relationship, there is no need to legalise it if you do not wish to.

What do we need to do to complete the legal requirements in a Registry Office?

Usually for most marriages or civil partnerships you have to give at least 28 days notice at your local registry office. You will pay them a small fee to do this, and they display your intention notice publicly in their offices for 28 days. To keep it simple and cost effective, opt for the Registry's basic ceremony (sometimes called 2+2) and pay another small fee - this is a simple way to obtain your marriage certificate. In this booked appointment, the Registrar will ask you to enter into your marriage contract by asking you to repeat a few legal words in the presence of your two chosen witnesses who have accompanied you, you do not have to exchange rings or vows if you do not want to. Many couples choose not to dress up to attend (its up to you), but opting for jeans and t-shirt is fine thus saving the dressing up to your actual wedding ceremony with your celebrant.

Will a Celebrant Wedding seem less real if we have already signed the Marriage Register at the Registry Office?

No, signing the register at the Registry Office is the functionary aspect of obtaining your marriage licence.*

Many couples choose to have a Celebrant led wedding ceremony as Celebrants do not have the restrictions placed on them, like the Registrars do, and nowadays many couples want to have a wedding ceremony that reflects them. So the most meaningful part of their wedding day is their bespoke wedding ceremony where they say their vows and promises that have been personally written for them, or perhaps with special elements, in front of all of their family and friends in a location thats right for their needs.

Amanda-Louise officiates wedding ceremonies in a traditional tone with modern aspects weaved in, and gives her clients the gift of time, supporting them to have a beautiful service that their guests wont have heard before.

*Often clients book the Registration Service's 2+2 basic ceremony to do this, as only takes around 10 minutes and costs about £57. Some clients see it similar to the meeting when registering a birth or death. During this 2+2 you do not have to exchange rings or say vows and many clients do not put on their wedding attire, saving that for their wedding day celebrations.

What special elements, unity moments or rituals can we include using Amanda-Louise as our Celebrant?

These all point to forever love and harmony together, some celtic, some modern and can all be personalised to the couple and ceremony style. Below are some of the rituals that we can incorporate (but Amanda-Louise will discuss others with her clients, having built up her large pool of resources over the years of special elements)

  • Handfasting
  • Unity Sand
  • Rose
  • Signing of certificate
  • Exchanging rings
  • Exchange of Vows
  • Cutting Ribbon
  • Jumping the broom
  • Honey & Walnut
  • Blending of Drinks
  • Last Kiss, First Kiss
  • Chinese Tea
  • Unity Candle
  • Ring Warming
  • Quaich or Loving Cup
  • Breaking the Glass
  • Wine Box
  • Oath Stone
  • Bread, Salt & Wine
  • Wish Tree
  • Message in a Bottle
  • Wedding/golden crowns ‘stegona’

I've been married before, and want to include my children is that okay?

Yes, together we will create a wedding ceremony that is perfect for you both. We will talk about options how to make it different.

We are experienced at involving children or other family or friends into a ceremony, so that everyone can feel involved. We can do this by inviting them to read a poem or reading, to being involved in a special element such as sand blending, which is heartfelt and sentimental - plus great for photos too! I

Amanda-Louise has written content so that blended families have become 'one' family unit within the wedding service of the couple.

What is a Commitment Ceremony?

It’s very much like a wedding ceremony but it has no legal standing.  

Sometimes a couple will choose to have a commitment ceremony if one (or both) are still legally married and going through a lengthy divorce, but they want to make a spiritual commitment to their new partner.

Do you perform /conduct weddings and or civil partnership ceremonies for couples who identify as LBGTQ+?

Absolutely Yes! I pride myself of my inclusive approach, and would be delighted to work with you to create your perfect day.

How far does Amanda-Louise Knight Weddings Proposals & Events travel?

We are based in the heart of Somerset. Typically our clients book us for their weddings and events in Somerset, Devon, Bristol or North Somerset, Cotswolds and Dorset, but we can travel further.

For our Somerset Wedding Day Dog Chaperone Service, we tend to support clients in Somerset and Devon areas.

Naturally we have to charge for our mileage but we keep to the government recommended rate of 45p per mile.

What happens if I need to cancel or change the date of my event once booked?

Our terms and conditions show how we calculate our fees should anyone wish to cancel our services after 14 days of booking. This is calculated on a time basis as well as the work we have already carried out plus loss of earnings, so its important to let us know as soon as possible. This information can be found in our 'Policies' page under 'Who Are We' on the top navigation tab. We also send this to all our clients who book our services.

If you wish to reschedule your date, then providing we are available on your new date, we simply change the date. In some circumstances there may be an increase in our costs too, but we will discuss this with you.

Do you conduct themed weddings?

Absolutely Yes but without the ‘cheese’.

If you want the truest spiritual pagan wedding, we will recommend you to a fabulous Celebrant who specialises in that field.

What other types of ceremonies do you offer?

We offer the following Celebrant Ceremonies:


Renewal of Vows

Baby Naming


Building Openings

Coming of Age

Gender Identity


Funeral, Celebration of Life, Memorials, Living Eulogies

Pet Funeral

Ask us for a quotation or more information!

What happens if Amanda-Louise Knight Celebrant is not available?

If Amanda-Louise is not available on your chosen date, then Amanda-Louise will talk to you about other Celebrants who work within her team. Everyone in our circle here at Amanda-Louise Knight Weddings, Proposals & Events works to our set of high standards standards, values and ethics and experienced in their specialist field within the business.

Always by your side

How my clients feel about me

Wow, Amanda-Louise the speeches & the emotions – such a beautiful and memorable wedding service


We used Amanda-Louise for our wedding in Devon in September. Nothing was too much trouble for her. She was totally calm and supremely organised which kept us both calm through the months before the wedding. She has really great contacts and all the recommendations she gave us were excellent. I would not hesitate to book her. I would just say, get in quickly as she's understandably in demand!!!

Emma J - Review Amanda-Louise Knight Wedding Planner at Barnstaple Devon Wedding Somerset 2023

2nd Review: just another big thank you Amanda-Louise for being our celebrant. Your words were amazing, and really made the day extra-special for us. We'll be sure to recommend you to everyone. We wish we could have another wedding so we could book you again!

Megan & Ethan - Celebrant at Woodford Farm Weddings Somerset 2023

We thought you were excellent as an organiser. Your recommendations of suppliers was inspired and everyone did really well. The feedback on the day has been universally excellent. Thanks so much again, it was just a perfect day.

Antony & Emma Woodhouse - wedding planner in their country home 2023

Amanda is amazing. She made my dream proposal a reality. The decorations, the organisation, the venue, the suprise proposal everything went smoothly without a hitch. Amanda made it the best day for me and my fiancee. Thank you Amanda!!

Adelowo Adeleye - marriage proposal Devon March 2023

So well organised and super helpful to have on the day! I recently worked as a videographer at a wedding that Amanda and her team coordinated on the day and I must say she really helped make the day what it was! As a videographer I obviously attend a lot of weddings and see how they run, Amanda and her team really helped make sure that everything ran smoothly at what could have been a potentially chaotic day due to the large number of guests attending. Right from the moment of arrival everything was really well organised and prepared, everything and everyone was where they should be, the ceremony conducted by Amanda was lovely and the rest of the day couldn't have gone better. The team worked in a really efficient but subtle way to make sure everything was perfect and were super helpful and flexible with any additional requests throughout the day. I would highly recommend Amanda and her team to help plan and coordinate your big day! Look forward to working with her again in the future.

Jordan Fowler Professional Videographer - Somerset wedding planner & celebrant May 2023

Amanda-Louise was our celebrant for our wedding. Honestly the whole process was incredible and she made it so easy for us. She’s so professional, lovely, helpful and knows exactly what she’s doing. She really made the whole day extra special, her ceremony words were beautiful ❤️The words she wrote for our vows were pretty much perfect. Amanda-Louise offers such a wide range of services, so if you’re getting married soon, definitely hire her!!

Bride Megan - Woodford Farm Wedding Venue, Wells - April 2023

It was a such a great experience working with Amanda her team earlier this year. As a wedding photographer I work with lots of wedding coordinators and planners which can be difficult at times but not with Amanda. We met in the morning and between us made sure we covered everything we needed to to make the day run smooth.may for our clients. 100% happily work with them again and I hope to do so in the future :)

Ryan Goold Professional Photographer - Wedding May 2023

Thank you so much, it was very romantic and heartfelt wasnt it, suited them both so very much, and their personal vows when they read them to one another I could see everyone was welling up, such a lovely couple and they love you to bits 💞

Wendy (Mother of the Bride) Woodfarm Wedding Venue, Wells, Somerset - April 2023 (Wedding Celebrant Services by Amanda-Louise)

Amanda-Louise was our celebrant for our wedding. Honestly the whole process was incredible and she made it so easy for us. She’s so professional, lovely, helpful and knows exactly what she’s doing. She really made the whole day extra special, her ceremony words were beautiful ❤️ The words she wrote for our vows were pretty much perfect. Amanda-Louise offers such a wide range of services, so if you’re getting married soon, definitely hire her!!

Megan & Ethan – Wedding Celebrant at Woodfarm Wedding Venue, Wells, Somerset, April 2023

We just want to say a massive thank you. Our day was just amazing, everyone had an absolute blast and it was just incredible. Amanda you were an absolute god send. You made sure the show kept running as smoothly as possible and were great to be on hand. So thank you so much we couldn't have done it without you.

Loxley & Jamie – Wedding Coordinator On the Day at Exclusive Venue Nr Taunton, Somerset August 2022

Amanda-Louise, Thank you for all your hard work and unwavering support in making this day happen - couldn't have done it without you, love Mike & Kira x

Shakira & Mike - Multicultural Nikah Wedding Day Planner Services - South West July 2022

Thank you for our lovely bubbly, a wonderful surprise. I thought Alice was wonderful. Very calm in a crisis. And thank you to you for everything. The ceremony was lovely. Everyone commented on very positively.

Bride Anna Held On Quantocks Tipi Outdoor Wedding - Wedding Planning and Celebrant Service

A massive thank you to Amanda at Somerset Wedding Day Dog Chaperone Service. We wouldnt have been able to have our 2 little sausage dogs Lola & Cali at our wedding without Amanda's help and flexibility. You were so kind and helpful and allowed us to have the most perfect day with the dogs popping in and out throughout the day to ensure we wasnt overwhelmed and the dogs werent either. You kept our kind at ease with our pre zoom meeting and sent up lovely pictures and updates after the wedding of the day they had with you. We achieved the photographs we had our hearts set on and we couldnt have done it without you! Thank you so much for taking care of them for us.

Katie & Rebecca with their dogs Cali and Lola at Quantock Lakes Wedding Venue

Thank you so much, (Lizzie and Jordan) you have been an amazing help today with our three dogs, and we honestly couldn't have done it without you.

Bride Zofia - Somerset Wedding Day Dog Chaperone to 3 dogs (Brympton Wedding Venue, Somerset)

Hey Amanda-Louise, thank you so much for last night when I proposed to my girlfriend, we both had an amazing time. Also thank you for organising such a flawless evening. Please thank everyone you booked. We havent opened your bottle of bubbly yet, as we really like the sentimentality of it!

Jack Tolley - Marriage Proposal Event - Somerset

I cant thank Amanda-Louise enough for all her help with my marriage proposal to my girlfriend, honestly it was perfect, am so grateful. Love the photos too

Anurag Sriniva - Marriage Proposal Event - Cornwall

Thank you Amanda-Louise for helping me create an exclusive weekend occasion to propose to my girlfriend. I appreciated your updates and involvement. She said yes! All the staff were amazing, the ship you booked was also magnificent.

Michael Millard - Marriage Proposal Event - Scotland

COVID forced us to have a split wedding (21/3/20) and reception. (15/9/21). When it came to the reception we required a celebrant to pull things together. We were both stressed and had little idea how to proceed. My wife came across Amanda Louise. What a find! She instantly took hold, guiding us as to the available options and filled us with confidence pulling together a bespoke ceremony that was perfect on the day. On the big day, she arrived well-presented and in good time. A true gem.

Steve Challis Groom - Cotswold Celebrant Wedding Ceremony

Amanda is a above all a lovely lady with a friendly, approachable and totally understanding manner. She delivered our renewal of vows ceremony on Exmoor in exactly the way we requested. We wanted a simple, no frills ceremony with just the 2 of us. It was lighthearted, fun and very emotional. We would highly recommend her services.

Jo & Pete (Space Detectives) Renewal of Vows Celebrant Ceremony - April 2022 Exmoor National Park

Thank you Amanda for making our day for the twins Naming and 1st birthday so special and personal. The service was just as we wanted it to be and all your suggestions beforehand were so helpful. I would highly recommend Amanda, she really helped to make a very special memory for us and our family.

Caroline & Ed - Baby Naming for Twins June 2022 Somerset

We just wanted to thank you again for yesterday, it was such a lovely ceremony and we all thought you made the day. Thank you so much, With kind regards

Peter & Sophie, Bride & Groom - Taunton Somerset Wedding December

Amanda is the most lovely celebrant & we couldn't be more happier that we had chosen her to be a part of our big wedding day which was in October 2021 :) With just days away from our big day, Amanda worked hard in order to prioritise getting our wedding script written up for our ceremony in 1 week which she did & did it perfectly & we are so grateful for all that she has done for us :) She made me & my partner feel very comfortable on the day, we had lots of banter & felt that she captured our love story perfectly & we loved all the other elements which were used in our ceremony from the lighting of candles to remember loved ones & the mixing of unity sand. All of the family & guests commented on how lovely & professional Amanda is & she truly was like one of our family. Me & my partner would just like to say that we would highly recommend Amanda for her services as she is a wonderful celebrant & lovely person all round & can guarantee that you will treasure some great memories. Thank you again Amanda xx

Shalima & Sukru, Bride & Groom from Dorset - Bournemouth Wedding October

We booked Amanda-Louise to be our celebrant and what an amazing day it was! Amanda’s communication is second to none and I never felt as though I had to chase for any responses or updates, which made the experience stress free. On the day of our wedding, Amanda greeted me before I went into the ceremony room and assured me everything from the layout to the guests arrival had gone to plan and we were ready to start the ceremony. We wanted to include traditions from mine and my partners heritage (British and Greek) and Amanda captured the balance perfectly. My partners family were amazed to see Greek traditions included in our ceremony, which gave it that special touch. The ceremony (completely written by Amanda) was so personal and was everything we could have hoped for. Amanda was absolutely brilliant and went above and beyond for me and Zakk. Amanda does a variety of ceremonies, so we will definitely be booking her in the future. Thank you so much for making our day simply perfect.

Chelsea & Zakk, Bride & Groom from Greece & UK - Wedding in Somerset August

Thank you very much for sending and emailing the funeral service script. You have been so helpful during this whole process and I would recommend you and your services to everyone. Take care. Kind regards

Lynn Mann - Funeral Celebrant Services - September

Bespoke ceremony our guests loved - Amanda-Louise did a great job of working with us to learn our stories and what we wanted from the ceremony and incorporate them into a personal script. She worked with us right up until the day before the wedding making last minute tweaks and adjustments. Our guests called out how unique the ceremony was, and appreciated the good humor she injected.

Kaitlyn & Theo, Bride & Groom from USA - Wedding July in Devon

I just wanted to thank you for sending through your ceremony script for dad's funeral. It was presented so beautifully and the personal letters to us all was a really thoughtful touch. I know mom is great full too, and she thought you did a wonderful job of presenting the ceremony and celebrating dad's remarkable life. He truly was one of lifes funny and happy people. In addition your support and gentle manner on the day of dad's funeral hasn't gone unnoticed either. Thank you for introducing yourself to my son Louie, and offering him some reassuring words as well as noticing the scarf he was wearing for his grandad. Warm regards,

Donna Webber - Funeral Celebrant Services - September

I was a photographer at a beautifully led wedding ceremony by Amanda in Dorset back in October. She was an absolute pleasure to work with, making it very easy for me to get the images I needed to make sure my clients were very happy! Amanda allowed me to get in close to get those intimate shots and unique angles. She also gave me a very good briefing as I was hired at last minute and it was far from a traditional wedding ceremony! I would highly recommend Amanda as a wedding celebrant if you are looking for someone professional, caring and will make your ceremony very rememberable :)

Ben Braybrooke Photographer - Review of Amanda-Louise Knight Wedding Celebrant Services - Bournemouth October

The wedding vows really got to us, very well written and they revealed to me how important they both are to each other – Chris & Emily. The wedding ceremony was so special, it was so nice to have both your heritages incorporated - Steve & Nicky WOW, Amanda-Louise the speeches & the emotions – such a beautiful and memorable wedding service - Natasha. Loved the speeches, brought tears to our eyes. Seeing the knots being tied and the honey and walnut ritual was great to see. Such a wonderful ceremony - the Skinner Family. The wedding ceremony was beautiful and personal. I loved the tying of the knot and how all the family was involved - Lisa Mason & Phil Nutman

Wedding Guests – Somerset Wedding August {Celebrant and Toastmaster )

Oh, my goodness that service was so them, it was beautiful - Linda Woollaston (mother of the groom). It was a beautiful day and ceremony, Mollie looked stunning as always too - Becci Roseff, Chief Bridesmaid. Such a beautiful ceremony - Julia Pope. What an amazing wedding - Janee Irwin-Davies

Wedding Guests – Cotswolds Wedding July {Wedding Celebrant and Evening Toastmaster}

Thank you for your pack with Dad's service details. It was presented brilliantly and was great to read over. Thank you again for your touch on things. Unfortunately you (as a Professional Funeral Celebrant) are someone I hope not to see again in the near future but if I do, I know the ceremony is in the best of hands x

Dean - Funeral Celebrant Services - September

Amanda was the perfect celebrant. She managed to write our ceremony after just couple conversations & a questionnaire. She accommodated all our requests & guided us when we were unsure. We felt she captured our story, our personalities & our love of each other perfectly with lots light-hearted humour and just enough romance for us. On the day Amanda was warm & helpful She made us both feel comfortable, and she fitted in as part of the family.

Mollie and Matt, Bride & Groom from Somerset (Owners of Quantock Marquees & Country Bumpkins Caterers) - Cotswolds Wedding July {Wedding Celebrant & Evening Toastmaster}

I wanted to say how lovely the service was. I loved what you said, and it was just right for Dad. You were so professional, considerate, and caring and both me and Mum felt looked after by yourself and by the Funeral Directors Friendship & Sons.

Heather - Funeral Celebrant Services - July

The wedding ceremony was beautiful and personal. I loved the tying of the knot and how all the family was involved.

Lisa & Phil

Loved the speeches, brought tears to our eyes. Seeing the knots being tied and the honey and walnut ritual was great to see. Such a wonderful ceremony

The Skinner Family

Wow, Amanda-Louise the speeches & the emotions – such a beautiful and memorable wedding service


The wedding ceremony (of Chelsea & Zakk) was so special, it was so nice to have both your heritages incorporated.

Steve & Nicky

Your vows really got to us. Very well written and they revealed to me how important you both are to each other.

Chris & Emily

It was a pleasure to work alongside Amanda-Louise on a recent wedding. She was very well organised, calm and professional throughout. Thank you!!

Tom Elleray Professional Equipment Wedding Supplier - July

At a time when as a family we were in the depths of sorrow at our loss Amanda - Louise arrived. It was as if the weight of trying to make sure that my husbands life was remembered and honoured was completely understood by Amanda and we all relaxed. Our memories were brought to life in the service and I found it such a comfort. We all felt totally safe opening our hearts to her and were so impressed in the skills she has and empathy she has to understand how we all felt.

Claire Woodland - Funeral Celebrant Services - April

Amanda is a loyal, empathetic and conscientious person. She gives 100% to any task assigned to her, and will execute each task with professionalism and dedication.

Lesley Scott - Review of Event Planner Services

An enthusiastic and vibrant person who will bring laughter to any celebration

Staff Sgt Lisa Leighton - Review Event Planner Services

I have had the great pleasure of working with Amanda-Louise on several occasions and she is such a fun, charismatic Celebrant that would enhance any celebration, be it happy or sad. She’s a delight to work with and beautifully creative. Using her great life skills and experience, she relishes in crafting a fabulous ceremony that will be so personal to you, whether you’re looking for serious or fun, you won’t be disappointed.

Tracey Schoales Midlands Celebrant Review of Amanda-Louise Knight West Country Wedding Celebrant

A friend recommended Amanda-Louise to be the celebrant at my mother’s funeral. Like most people in my position I found the prospect of organising not only a funeral but my own mother’s funeral during Covid19 times. But Amanda-Louise was absolutely amazing. She was so caring, compassionate, understanding and most of all friendly. She listened intently to the type of funeral service we required (I didn’t know there were so many options), made notes, asked questions to get to know not only us but my mother too – consequently offered suggestions. The result was amazing if you could say a funeral was perfect – this was genuinely it. I can’t put into words how grateful I am to Amanda – Louise’s professional and compassionate approach to a very emotional event. Whatever the event if I could employ Amanda-Louise again I would have no hesitation whatsoever.

Julie Parker - Funeral Celebrant Services - August

I have now directed three funeral ceremonies with Amanda-Louise, who has a gift for personalising a ceremony with such enthusiasm, compassion and grace, always with fine attention to detail

Mark Kingston-James, Minehead, Somerset Hedley Price Funeral Director Review of Amanda-Louise Knight Funeral Celebrant Services

I cannot praise Amanda enough. Clearly professional in her role she brought direction and comfort in equal measure, and yes, some humour to a very special Celebration of Life. A separate session with the young children attending gave them a role in the proceedings and an understanding of the meaning of the meeting. I recommend her services for any celebration, happy or sad.

Dudley Price - Funeral Celebrant Services - October

Beautiful service for my late husband John. Amanda did him proud, she took the service with feeling and respect. Thank you Amanda.‍

Pippa Buckner - Funeral Celebrant Services - November

Amanda had the difficult job of creating a beautiful ceremony that brought together many different parts of our lost loved ones life. She rung up and spoke to each sibling to get stories and details needed for the ceremony. I never felt more at ease knowing she was the celebrant for the funeral. What she came up with was beautiful and she treated my dad with the upmost respect and honour. She made a bad day manageable and it was simply beautiful.

Hollie Coles - Funeral Celebrant Services - January

Amanda-Louise was from the outset very friendly, caring and thoughtful. Such a good service provided to us in our time of grief and the service was more than we than we could have expected. I feel like I have know her for years and that if I ever need to talk she will be there for me.

Lesley Willsher - Funeral Celebrant Services - February

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