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Wedding Celebrant FAQs

Are you insured?

Yes I am a reputable business, fully insured with public liability insurance.

What is the difference between Celebrant, Wedding Planner and Master of Ceremonies?

As a Celebrant, I write and conduct any ceremony personalised to clients’ needs.  

As a Wedding Planner I plan, design, obtain suppliers etc and co-ordinate your wedding day or event from when you wish me to start - that can be from the beginning, half way through your planning journey or booked for on the day only to coordinate everything.

As a Master of Ceremonies (or Toastmaster), I provide compere event host duties at a wedding, or reception, or other event ensuring everything goes to plan and timing, whilst ensuring everyone has a good time, knows what coming up, making announcements, so there is a smooth flow.    

Clients are free to book 1 of my services or more.

Why should we choose Amanda-Louise Knight to be our Celebrant?

With my words I’ll help you make memories!  

Im creative, imaginative, emphatic, acknowledge traditions or devise new ones to retell your stories with flair.  Our journey together will be filled with laughter no doubt (and perhaps some happy tears).  I’ll help you write your special words with imagination, intuition that shows your sparks with such passion, where you’ll see I so love my job (which I believe is second to none!)

I champion equality, diversity, sexuality, honour all religions and celebrate every heritage and mixed couple beliefs.   Im trained by Institute of Professional Celebrants (now called ICPC) and am associated with them and The Celebrant Circle.  I’m award winning, and work to set of professional codes of conduct and ethics.  To read more about me behind the brand, please go to my About Me page.

We are not sure where to start, can you help?

Nowadays there are so many options available to you, it can be daunting, so I understand it can be difficult to decide when there is so much choice.  I can help you explore all possibilities clearly, so that you have a ceremony just right for you.

We want to write our own vows, is that okay?

Yes of course. Choosing an Independent Celebrant means you can write all or as little of the ceremony as you like.  I offer to guide you when writing your own personal vows, or I can write them for you as many couples tell me they are unable to express their words or feelings onto paper. Our time together and my unique questionnaires, enables me to understand you as a couple, and write your words you want to express from getting to know you both.

Im really nervous about speaking during my ceremony or giving a speech at our wedding reception, can you help?

Even those who are experienced in speaking in public, get nervous when it comes to their wedding – after all its emotional.   I can put your vows onto cards so that you read from them, and I break down those magical words when I ask you to repeat after me.  And rest assured, we will have built up great rapport together, and I will be by your side, reassuring you and calming any nerves or tension if they arise.

For those who dread giving a speech at the wedding reception, I offer 1:1 coaching to bring you confidence as well as help writing your speech.

Does the venue have to be licensed for weddings using a Celebrant?

No, you can have our ceremony together in licensed or unlicensed rooms for hire.  This includes hotels, museums, zoos, galleries, or somewhere special to you.

How long does our celebrant-led ceremony have to be?

As long or as short as you want, as there are no set rules as I write it from scratch, so you wont feel rushed or bored. I am often asked to write a wedding ceremony lasting around 30 mins, but it can be shorter or longer.

We are a multi-cultural couple; how can we include both our heritages?

I love learning about different cultures and traditions.  Ive worked with couples from many faiths and ethnicities.  Ive incorporated Muslim beliefs, Greek traditions, Celtic rituals, Christian, Catholic, Turkish and Jewish to name but a few. We can do this in words or blessings from all religions or beliefs, and incorporate a range of cultural wedding traditions; from English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish and from international countries. I will talk through how to bring in whats important to you into your wedding ceremony.

Is there any restrictions on poems, readings, or blessings?

If you wish to include any, I recommend up to 3 within a 30-minute wedding ceremony.  Read my blog with over 200 to choose from (from romantic, funny,child-friendly, about marriage, friendship, from literature and films) or ask me for my latest discoveries.  Or let me know if you have your own favourites, we can include during your wedding ceremony.

Is there any restrictions for photography or videography?

I do not have any restrictions of any kind, however, its worth checking with your venue.   I work well with other suppliers, and happy for them to move freely wherever to get the best shots of your happy occasion.  And I aim not to photo bomb your kiss photograph!  

What is handfasting – is that something you do?

Yes I love this ritual!  I like to use ribbons, rather than cords, as they hang better.  This special element is where ‘tying of the knot’ phrase comes from, and likely your ancestors took part in handtying before exchanging rings became popular, as a sign of their bond together.  And that’s what it is,tying of ribbons around your hands or wrists (along with some special words)and when you step back, the ribbons have tied and your guests clap!

Handfasting is one of the special elements I can incorporate into your wedding ceremony. Ask me about the others – Ive got traditional, and modern ones too.

When do you arrive on the day as a Celebrant?

I usually arrive one hour before the ceremony starts and introduce myself to your guests, and the key people involved in your ceremony. I will check all our plans are in order.

Will we meet you on the day itself before the wedding ceremony?

I aim to say hello and dispel any nerves or tension and give you words of encouragement. You wont need to worry about where to stand, or what to say during the wedding, as I guide you throughout. Please be ready say 30 minutes before the wedding ceremony starts.

What do you wear to our wedding ceremony at Celebrant?

I will be suitably dressed to match your occasion, ensuring the attention is on you and not my attire. My wardrobe consists of formal, elegant, smart to casual in a range of colours. If you wish me to coordinate with your colours or themes, or you wish to see what I will be wearing, please speak with me.

How far in advanced should we book with you?

I recommend you book me as soon as you know the date of your wedding to ensure my availability. Many of my clients book 18 months to 6 months in advance. But its always worth checking first about availability.

Do you accept bookings at short notice?

Occasionally and is dependent upon availability, so worth checking. I have cleared my entire diary before and written from scratch a wedding within one week, working a multitude of hours in those 7 days! However to be sure you have the date of your dreams, I recommend booking me in advance.

Are your fees negotiable?

I believe with great quality, standards and the value I bring from my wealth of experience, expertise, and time I provide reflects and warrants the fees that I charge.  Being self-employed, I have business overheads and must pay tax and national insurance too.    

I can offer suggestions how to create a magical day that doesn’t break the bank.

As I’m a reputable wedding supplier offering more than one element (Celebrant, Independent Wedding Planner (from full planning to ‘On the day coordination’), Toastmaster/MC and Wedding Dog Chaperone Service), I will work with you to bring extra value, as my overheads will be less if you book more than one element.

Whats the difference having a Church, Registry or Celebrant or Humanist Wedding?

Church is religious ceremony, and often in traditional buildings.

Registry Office is non religious, often shorter more simplicity ceremony of pre-written script, do not get to meet Registrar beforehand or have rehearsal.

Celebrant ceremony can be religious or not as 100% bespoke - anything goes giving you freedom how you want it. If want to be legally married, just book to obtain certificate at Registry Office 2+2 meeting (around £57 takes up to 10 mins just repeat set legal words, no need to dress up or exchange rings or vows - its a way to separate the legal side) then have personalised wedding ceremony with celebrant - anywhere outside or inside, 365 days a year.

Humanist ceremony as celebrant but do not provide any religion.

Read my blog for further explanation

Will we be legally married if we have a Celebrant-led wedding ceremony?

The law in the UK states the legal requirements can only be performed (currently) by a Religious Minister in a church or by a Registrar in an approved licensed wedding venue or government registry office. However, you can organise to complete the legal requirements in your local registry office before or after your Celebrant-led wedding. That way, you will have the freedom to create a modern, personalised wedding how you want it, rather than being told how to have it.

NB - Currently the Government are considering updating the Marriage Law Act, so legislation may change in the future. Hopefully they will look how other countries successfully have Celebrants performing the legal aspects, without having to separate the process.

Is an Independent Celebrant-led wedding less real if we've already signed the register at the registry office?

Certainly not! Signing the register is simply signing the legal paperwork. In my opinion, the most meaningful part of your wedding day is the words and rituals you pledge to each other, declaring your love and commitment in front of your family and friends.

Do we have to legalise our marriage?

No. A celebrant-led wedding ceremony celebrates your love and relationship, there is no need to legalise it if you do not wish to.

What do we need to do to complete the legal requirements in a Registry Office?

Usually for most marriages or civil partnerships you have to give at least 28 days notice at your local registry office. You will pay them a small fee to do this, and they display your intention notice publicly in their offices for 28 days. To keep it simple and cost effective, opt for the Registry's basic ceremony (sometimes called 2+2) and pay another small fee - this is a simple way to obtain your marriage certificate. In this booked appointment, the Registrar will ask you to enter into your marriage contract by asking you to repeat a few legal words in the presence of your two chosen witnesses who have accompanied you, you do not have to exchange rings or vows if you do not want to. Many couples choose not to dress up to attend (its up to you), but opting for jeans and t-shirt is fine thus saving the dressing up to your actual wedding ceremony with your celebrant.

Im confused, the Registrar Office told me they offer an enhanced service, so we dont need a Celebrant Ceremony?

Naturally the Registry Office will sell up on all their range of government services but to obtain the marriage certificate you do not need their full wedding ceremony, just the basic one. Even their enhanced full ceremony does not offer 100% bespoke personalised wedding ceremony, the Registrar and other staff are government employees and do not have the flexibility to write wedding ceremonies from scratch, unlike an Independent Celebrant who often will work with their couples over months, and really get to know them. Couples do not meet the Registrar beforehand, or even have ability for a rehearsal. Whatever enhanced ceremony you have at the Registry Office, the content is generic - you will be able to choose from their pre-written paragraphs to mix it up somewhat, and choose music, but this doesnt mean its a bespoke wedding. Your Independent Celebrant wedding can involve any of your friends or family within your ceremony, (or dogs!) include any rituals (modern or traditional) and include words about you and your love story, all of which a Registrar enhanced service cannot provide. Plus an Independent Celebrant can include any religion(s) or beliefs, where a Registrar cannot. Ultimately all Registrar weddings will have been heard before, which boils down to choice for all couples on how they dream their wedding ceremony will look, sound and feel.

What happens if I need to cancel or postpone my wedding ceremony with you as Celebrant?

Any postponement of the event will be honoured providing there is availability to do so.  Please discuss with me at the earliest opportunity if you are thinking of postponing your event, so that I can honour the request; otherwise cancellation charges may apply. If you wish to move the date beyond a 12 month period, may incur an additional fee due to reflect price increases.

If you cancel after 14 days of making your booking, you will not be entitled to receive a refund of the non-refundable booking fee. The contract is transparent which shows the cancellation terms. From 14 days of booking to the day of the event, there is a sliding percentage scale of charges from 25 to 100% which includes a pro-rata payment for work done including time, correspondence, administration, and for holding the date (ie turning down other bookings).

Do Registrars create bespoke wedding ceremonies?

Not in the sense of what an Independent Celebrant can.  Many Registrars offer either their traditional wedding ceremony or their “bespoke” one.   Typically a Registrar's enhanced ceremony or bespoke package offers 30 minutes of:- 

  • Vows (from chosen resource)
  • Up to 4 pieces of music – 2 of those will be used for signing of the register.
  • Exchange of rings

How is an Independent Celebrant’s wedding ceremony different?

  • Can be conducted anywhere ie inside and outdoors in licensed or un-licensed wedding venues, any public spaces such as beaches, parks, mountains, gardens in hotels, your own home, on a boat, in fact anywhere!
  • Any time day or night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Can include any religion(s), spirituality, other beliefs, or none at all
  • Any music (and amount) and include sing-a-longs
  • Any style ie traditional, celtic/spiritual/pagan, humour etc, wording, content (its all about you two, and your love story)
  • Include any poems, references, blessings, stories.
  • Any rituals*
  • Vows (written from scratch by Celebrant, or couple)
  • Signing of bespoke wedding ceremony certificate, including witnesses
  • Include any guests or children or pets within the ceremony itself (if desired)
  • Anything goes how you want it to look, feel and include!

What special elements, unity moments or rituals can we include using Amanda-Louise as our Celebrant?

These all point to forever love and harmony together, some celtic, some modern and can all be personalised to the couple and ceremony style. Please contact me for the full list

  • Handfasting
  • Unity Sand
  • Rose
  • Signing of certificate
  • Exchanging rings
  • Exchange of Vows
  • Cutting Ribbon
  • Jumping the broom
  • Honey & Walnut
  • Blending of Drinks
  • Last Kiss, First Kiss
  • Chinese Tea
  • Unity Candle
  • Ring Warming
  • Quaich or Loving Cup
  • Breaking the Glass
  • Wine Box
  • Oath Stone
  • Bread, Salt & Wine
  • Wish Tree
  • Message in a Bottle
  • Wedding/golden crowns ‘stegona’

I've been married before, and want to include my children is that okay?

Yes, together we will create a wedding ceremony that is perfect for you both. We will talk about options how to make it different. Im experienced at involving children or other family or friends into a ceremony, so that everyone can feel involved. We can do this by inviting them to read a poem or reading, to being involved in a special element which is heartfelt and sentimental - plus great for photos too! Ive even written content so that blended families have become 'one' family unit within the wedding service of the couple.

Do you have a contract?

Yes, all my services have terms and conditions and agreement, which gives you security of booking, and data protection.  

Each element will have its own agreement/contract. Its shows Im a sole trader, registered with Inland Revenue.  

At present I am not VAT registered.

What is a Commitment Ceremony?

It’s very much like a wedding ceremony but it has no legal standing.  

Sometimes a couple will choose to have a commitment ceremony if one (or both) are still legally married and going through a lengthy divorce, but they want to make a spiritual commitment to their new partner.

Do you perform /conduct weddings and or civil partnership ceremonies for couples who identify as LBGTQ+?

Absolutely Yes! I pride myself of my inclusive approach, and would be delighted to work with you to create your perfect day.

How far do you travel?

I live in Somerset, near Devon and work across the UK

What happens if I need to cancel or postpone my wedding ceremony due to covid?

Contact me urgently to discuss.  

Do you conduct themed weddings?

Absolutely Yes but without the ‘cheese’.

If you want the truest spiritual pagan wedding, I will recommend you to a fabulous Celebrant who specialises in that field.

What other types of ceremonies do you offer?

I can create any ceremony appropriate as you journey through life, for example baby naming, birthdays, weddings, blessings, pagan rituals such as handfasting, wedding vow renewals, anniversaries, moving home, coming of age, gender, change of name, divorce, funerals, memorials, pet funerals and officiating opening of new buildings/businesses to name but a few!

How do I book?

Please contact me to arrange a free 30 minute consultation.  

Call – 07879-220046  OR email

If you wish to book me, then I will send you a booking form, contract and invoice for small fee to complete the booking.

Wedding Planner FAQs

What style of wedding do you plan?

My role is creating your vision into reality, whatever your style. I can make suggestions. My personal view is that weddings should represent you as individuals, and as a couple.   

Do you have preferred suppliers?

I have a range of gorgeous contacts, however, if you prefer to source any supplier, that’s of course fine. It's about the right fit for you. I do not accept commission from any supplier so if I recommend a supplier, its for all the right reasons!

Can you be our Celebrant and Wedding Planner?

Absolutely yes! All of my services are stand alone, or you can book one or more of our services.

What areas do you cover?

I specialise in West Country marriage proposals but also work across the UK.

How do you calculate your fees?

Its dependent upon guest numbers, location, whether at venue or outdoor space where we literally ‘build’ the venue.

Do you charge for travel and accommodation?

This will depend upon the package and location, but this can be discussed at the beginning of our working relationship.

Are you qualified?

Wedding planning qualifications are not recognised by an official body in the UK, but we have trained in this area.

Will you take over decisions and our day?

No this is your day.

What if something doesn’t go to plan?

We work 110% to ensure everything is smooth and seamless. Unfortunately, we cannot absolutely guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong. Should this happen, we are solution focused to deal with any unforeseen circumstance.

Are you insured?

Yes I am a reputable business, fully insured with public liability insurance.

What is the difference between Celebrant, Wedding Planner and Master of Ceremonies?

As a Celebrant, I write and conduct any ceremony personalised to clients’ needs.  

As a Wedding Planner I plan, design, obtain suppliers etc and co-ordinate your wedding day or event from when you wish me to start - that can be from the beginning, half way through your planning journey or booked for on the day only to coordinate everything.

As a Master of Ceremonies (or Toastmaster), I provide compere event host duties at a wedding, or reception, or other event ensuring everything goes to plan and timing, whilst ensuring everyone has a good time, knows what coming up, making announcements, so there is a smooth flow.    

Clients are free to book 1 of my services or more.

What Areas Do You Cover For Wedding Planning?

As a Wedding Planner, I am usually booked in the South West, but I can work across the UK

Wedding dog CHAPERONE FAQs

What are the expectations if my pet is excitable, nervous, boisterous?

The important thing is to consider the welfare of your dog.Ask yourself do they have the right temperament to cope with your celebrations.Weddings are stressful for humans so your dog might have heightened anxieties too. We will, of course, discuss with you of ways in which you care for your pet, and what are your pet’s strengths ie do they sit, or how they respond to commands (or not!).

There is the saying ‘never work with animals’ and there is a reason that things do not a lways go to plan! This may be more about your expectations!  For example, your dog may not wish to glide down the aisle with your rings, but we will be there to catch them the other end!

This goes for photographs too, it may be that your dog will only wish for a couple of photos before he/she is off to find something more exciting, so we will discuss with your photographer beforehand.

Why do you not recommend my dog attends the reception?

We often find it’s a long day for your dog after attending the wedding, having photos, and receptions can be overwhelming, so we offer to take your pet home for some well-deserved treats and rest.

Can I dress my dog in wedding attire?

Yes of course!  But we generally leave this to you to source – after all you know your dog’s style.

Some of our guests do not like dogs, what should we do?

Not everyone likes dogs, or they might have allergies.   Just let us know which guests to avoid if they are worried.

Can you organise pamper session at a grooming salon?

Yes of course!  This will be an additional fee.

Can you organise additional walks prior to our wedding date?

Yes of course! This will be an additional fee.

Can you attend our wedding rehearsal with our dog?

Yes of course! This will be an additional fee.

Can you organise our dog to stay at a licensed kennels?

Yes of course! Let us know if you have a preferred kennels, or we can make recommendations.

We have more than one dog, can you still provide your dog chaperone service?

Yes of course, we love dogs! This will be an additional fee.

Can you recommend dog friendly wedding venues?

Yes we can if you are looking for an indoor ceremony. Its important to find the right venue that truly are dog lovers!

Do you have insurance and DBS checked?

Yes and yes!

Do you donate to St Bernard Trust after every booking?

Yes we do. We have rescued St Bernards ourselves, and have got to know the Charity who rely on donations to carry out their voluntary work.

How do we book?

After discovering we are your perfect fit, our quotation, invoice and contract is sent to you. To book our wedding dog chaperone service a 50% is payable on booking with remaining 50% due 1 month before wedding date. Full terms are sent to you.

Are you insured?

Yes I am a reputable business, fully insured with public liability insurance.

What areas do you cover?

I live on Somerset near Devon and work across the UK

Can I just book this service?

Yes of course!   All of our services can be booked on their own, or can book one or more.

Can my dog board with you in your own home?

Yes of course!

What does Dog Chaperone mean?

We know dogs are part of the family, which is why many couples want their dog or dogs to be with them on their wedding day. We support that to happen. We can be your dog or dogs chaperone at the wedding ceremony and wedding photos. Think of us as your dog's plus one!

Some couples have a dog that will readily walk down the aisle carrying the wedding rings - this is known as a ring bearer. We help the dog to do this.

Or some dogs we help to be the VIP guest greeter, so we help them to be the meet and greet furry host ready as your guests walk into the wedding ceremony.

Another option which is ideal for those dogs who cant cope with walking down the aisle, but want to be part of the wedding service, is we sit with the dog or dogs as honorary guest.

We also offer other services such as pet sitting so couples enjoy the wedding reception, leaving us to care for the dog or dogs.

Who will look after my dog?

Amanda-Louise Knight is the founder of Somerset Wedding Day Dog Chaperone Service and has over 50 years experience with small and giant breed dogs. Full clear DBS checked. Amanda-Louise lives in Dunster near Minehead Somerset, has St Bernard dogs as home pets who are definitely part of the family

Lizzie is an asset to the team having worked for RSPCA and The National Animal Welfare Trust as lead kennel hand, is qualified in animal care and first aid. Lizzie is dbs clear and is experienced in handling dogs of all sizes and temperaments. Lizzie lives near Bridgewater, Somerset and has two rescue dogs of her own.

Why book Somerset Wedding Day Dog Chaperone Service?

We are an established wedding dog service, part of a reputable wedding business of Amanda-Louise Knight. Our team are dbs checked, pet first aid trained and covered by our business insurance. We have dogs of our own as part of our families. With over 50 years experience with dogs of all sizes and behaviours, you know your dog is in a safe pair of hands.

Our processes are seamless. Our priorities are all about your dog, so that they enjoy themselves. We care for your dog based on their needs.

With our professionalism of our wedding dog service, you cant go wrong knowing your favourite pet is lovingly looked after by us.

Who are our clients?

We specialise in creating the best wedding days for couples who love their dog or dogs and are part of their family.

Typically our clients have their wedding in Somerset, Devon, Bristol, Cornwall and Wales but we can travel further.

So we are just life long animal lovers just like our clients!

How do you care for our dog?

We know every dog is individual and so are their behaviours, their health and their likes and dislikes. This means that our service delivery is always different as every dog is different. We look after all your dog's needs when in our care from walking, resting, playing, cuddles (if they want them!) clearing up after toilet needs, water readily available. We can feed your dog, and is often with your own dog food to avoid upset tummies! We can pick up your dog and safely transport to your wedding. We can pet sit for as long as you need us for, subject to our availability. Whilst we are not groomers so wont be tackling knots in fur, we do give a quick brush and fluff before the wedding ceremony so photo ready! Above all, as caring pet owners ourselves, we treat your dog with upmost respect that they so deserve. We calmly get to know them, so they enjoy the time with us, as much as we will.

You let us know if your dog has any behaviour concerns, so we are fully alert, can respond appropriately and consider if we need more than one team member.

You let us know if your dog has any health concerns, so we are fully alert. And if your dog requires urgent medical assistance during our care beyond our pet first aid skills, then we will organise vet care, so rest assured their welfare is our priority.

What is our Process?

Your Enquiry

  1. You complete our questionnaire on our wedding dog chaperone page which is sent to us.  Or you can email us directly at     or
  2. We look at your details and     generate your tailor-made quotation to be sent to you.

Non obligation Zoom Call (recommended)

  1. A free initial consultation usually via zoom is arranged which lasts around 20 minutes to get to know each     other, discuss our chaperone service in detail, problem solve, create, and formulate a plan so your dog can be part of your wedding.  Alternatively, we can do this over telephone, email or face to face (dependent upon your location)
  2. A quotation is generated and sent via email for your consideration

Our Quotation / To Book & Secure the Date

Ø  Quotation price is available for 30 days.  

Ø  Whilst your date is available in our diary at date of quotation, your booking is not secured with us until your payment and your confirmation of t&cs is received by us.

Ø  If you wish to book our chaperone service, a 50% booking fee is required to secure the date and is non-refundable after 14 days (*this amount is deducted from your outstanding balance, should your event take place) with the remaining 50% balance payable 28 days before your ceremony date, or you can spread the balance over months by standing order via your bank, with no interest charged provided payments are kept up to date.

To Book & Secure the Date

  1. We send you an invoice for your kind attention.
  2. We send you out our contract for you to read, approve, sign and return*

*you have legal right to cancel our service up to 14 calendar days after the day on which we have received your signed contract agreement (except for any made to order items or work already agreed and started)

Once you have paid and signed/returned the contract, then your date is secure in our booking calendar and we email you to confirm this.

Get to Know you

We get to know you learning about your dogs.

We can offer a get to know you session with your dog at an additional charge.

On the Day

We aim to arrive in good time, as we know wedding days are stressful. We gently build rapport with your dog so that they enjoy their time with us.

We keep in contact with you during the day if you wish, so you know your dog is happy for your peace of mind, if you wish!


Wedding Master of Ceremonies FAQs

Are you insured?

Yes I am a reputable business, fully insured with public liability insurance.

What is the difference between Celebrant, Wedding Planner and Master of Ceremonies?

As a Celebrant, I write and conduct any ceremony personalised to clients’ needs.  

As a Wedding Planner I plan, design, obtain suppliers etc and co-ordinate your wedding day or event from when you wish me to start - that can be from the beginning, half way through your planning journey or booked for on the day only to coordinate everything.

As a Master of Ceremonies (or Toastmaster), I provide compere event host duties at a wedding, or reception, or other event ensuring everything goes to plan and timing, whilst ensuring everyone has a good time, knows what coming up, making announcements, so there is a smooth flow.    

Clients are free to book 1 of my services or more.

What areas do you cover?

I live on Somerset near Devon and work across the UK

What is the difference between Master of Ceremonies and a Toastmaster?

As a Master of Ceremonies our style is more “friendly charm” than the formal stance of a Toastmaster, however as a Master of Ceremonies you still have the degree of formality, but it is delivered in a more relaxed way in line with clients’ wishes as well as suitable attire.

What is your style as a compere?

As a professional, I will adapt my style to your event wishes.   Clients have described me as warm, friendly with charm and enjoys laughter! I get booked as an Event Host for weddings, wedding receptions, or corporate events.

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