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Venue Consultancy And Management

Wedding Industry Expert Providing Commercial Support to Venues

Wedding venues are the perfect places to inspire the engaged couple of their wedding day dream. Its where the magic starts to happen, opening them up to a world of opportunities, giving reassurance to the couple and their family that this is the place they want to invest in to host their wedding day.

We help new and existing venues gain the success they deserve within the wedding market. Our approach to wedding business owners is to offer our venue consultancy services, our training and marketing support, and with our venue management services. With our expert knowledge, our flexible approach, venue owners can choose the level of support that they need to achieve the results they deserve.

Hello Wedding Business Owner!

If you have a great venue but are struggling to secure sales, then investing in my wedding venue consultancy, I can:

advise how to set up and launch your wedding venue business

focus on your sales and marketing strategies in a competitive industry, without the need to keep reducing your prices

create strategies to boost your sales and bringing in an all round year revenue

provide venue operations and logistics overhaul to ensure your systems and process are seamless

plan your launch or marketing events

deliver management training or mentoring as your confidant

offer to outsource to you, my experienced wedding planning team - we work in your venue, under my umbrella, saving you time and cost. we offer to quickly respond to your enquiries, viewings into sales, and provide your couples with consistency from booking through to include their big day

Boost Your Wedding Venue

As a business leader, you can choose how you wish to engage with Amanda-Louise's support:-

In the Hot Seat - Wedding Boost

Ideal for ad-hoc concerns.

Get concentrated support with up to 90 minute zoom call to find answers you are looking for focusing on your challenges. Before meeting online, Amanda-Louise will send you a questionnaire about your business so when you meet, the time focuses on solutions.

Investment - typically £375.00

On the Ground - Venue Visit & Action Plan

Ideal for a deep dive into your venue and operations to achieve honest feedback about where you are, and where you could be in terms of your value.

Attending your venue for up to 6 hours, meeting with you, walking your venue, examining your strategies, and processes. Providing you with my comprehensive report to include my findings, your potential and your short, medium and long term goals. Follow up call to present and discuss my honest constructive feedback.

Investment typically £2,950

1:1 - Wedding Venue Support Retainer

Ideal for those who want to go to the next level with my site visit and detailed action plan supporting you to achieve those goals.

To include 'On the Ground - Venue Visit & Action Plan' Package Plus bolt on six, 1:1 x 60 minute calls over the following 3 months to support and guide you to implement my advice. This option helps you to focus on achieving the goals!

Investment typically £3,500

Bells and whistles of site visit, action plan, 6 x 1:1 x 60 minute focused calls over 3 months, this deluxe programme provides you with a set of operational working processes from booking forms, terms and conditions, policies, so you have the tools in terms of paperwork.

Investment typically £4,500

Training for Venue Management & Teams

Ideal to improve staff morale, focus on way forward goals or targeted areas such as couples communication for example.

A chance to get in the classroom with Amanda-Louise Knight Trained Trainer, to up-skill and build confidence in business management, marketing, sales journey, or ask about a tailored made course for your needs

Investment - please ask

Outsource Your Venue Management

Ideal for those who have a fabulous venue, but dont want to manage it themselves

Outsource your wedding planning and management to me, where I provide my expertise and working knowledge to save you time and money. My staff under my umbrella working in your environment. Helping you quickly respond to your enquiries, viewings into sales, and provide your couples with consistency from booking through to include their big day.

Investment - monthly cost plus commission basis

Working With You, However You Choose

Our flexible approach means that we can provide specialist advice to help you have a sustainable business, or work alongside your in-house team, or take complete control of the sales and wedding planning process—whatever you need. Contact Amanda-Louise


West Country Womens Small Business of the Year Awards - Silver Place Amanda-Louise Knight Weddings, Proposals & Events

Our Story

In addition to setting up and running a successful weddings and events business under the brand of 'Amanda-Louise Knight Weddings, Proposals & Events' planning individual wedding and event days that grew in spite of economic climate, I am also a former business owner of an event, hospitality (catering and drinks trade) and accommodation establishment; so I know what modern couples want when booking their venue and suppliers.

I also have a wealth of experience of running businesses, branding, marketing strategies, identifying gaps in the market, pitching the prices right, ensuring contract and terms and conditions are sound, licences and planning needed to meet legislation, and importantly keep up to date with trends knowing what wedding couples want from venues in their journey from viewing to their big day.

As a professional public speaker for over 30 years, trained by the BBC, I help others with confidence and presentation skills.

My robust former background in strategic management in the corporate world provides my skillset in logistics, staffing, grant funding, tendering for business opportunities. Im also a graduate from Exeter University with a BA(Hons) Degree, also achieving their Outstanding Performance Award.

I now passionate to share my wealth of experience to others who need expertise support and guidance from a consultant or business coach of whom you can trust to be discreet. My forte is building good relationships with my business clients, supporting them, guiding them, and being their cheer leader. Im known for my down to earth professional honest guidance in a confidential manner.

Venues Ive Helped:

I have been contacted by a large luxury corporate conference wedding venue in the South East of England after investing in their property, were surprised they were not converting enquiries into sales.

I have supported an independent start up wedding venue located in the South West of England, from those initial thoughts about changing their home, gardens and fields to offer weddings too, including what they needed to do structural, renovations and planning wise, developed their brand, wrote their contracts and policies and procedures, and took on their event management as they outsourced their wedding planning to us as experts running several wedding days that received 5 star reviews.

Amanda-Louise Knight Venue Consultancy Working With Somerset Wedding Venue

We provided advice to a coastal holiday let business with outdoor space who wanted advice if their business was suitable to offer as a wedding venue.

Currently working with a stately manor wanting to set up as a wedding venue in the South West of England, and an established historic licensed wedding venue wanting sustainability and growth, now Im working in partnership managing their weddings under their umbrella

Amanda-Louise Knight Venue Consultant Working with Devon Wedding Venue

We have ourselves owned property and venues and have turned them around increasing profitability in Essex, Sussex and Somerset.

Are You Ready to Say Hello And Plot Your Business Growth?

I really look forward to hearing from you, I love what I do and those who know me, are aware I love to help others to thrive, so contact me to discover if we are a match to work together.

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