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A&L Wedding at Working Farm, The Quantocks, Somerset

2022 Somerset Celebrant Outdoor Wedding

Like many couples, Anna and Lewis wanted a rather special wedding service. They dreamed of an outdoor sunset wedding ceremony within a working farm, where they had stayed many times in the b&b accommodation overlooking the countryside. The couple reached out to me as their trusted celebrant to write a bespoke service that represented their personalities, what they meant to each other, and their love of the outdoors.

Anna is a vet and Lewis is a serving senior serviceman in the RAF, and love to spend their free time at this working farm that offers the most quintessential accommodation:-

We spent time before the wedding day planning the logistics. It was important for the couple to have their wedding ceremony underneath this old oak tree that is surrounded by ley lines. I would weaved into the service reference to the oak tree with its longevity and strength linking how a couple can overcome odds for its strength, wisdom, protection, and truthfulness in a good marriage

The Modern Celtic Wedding Ceremony

The service I had written was based on the traditional format, but I had weaved in celtic elements such as reference to the nature of the outdoors, handfasting, warming of the rings and jumping the broom along with a modern touch with my exclusive ritual of involving every guest within the service writing down their advice for what makes a good marriage.

We had a traditional element of all the guests walking over to the wedding in procession with myself leading, where we were met with a harpist playing such beautiful music which was heard across the meadows.  The basket is full of confetti in readiness!

The couple walking to their wedding service together - the cows watching behind the fence!

The couple walked up their wedding aisle together with their dog as ring bearer

Knowing the couple wanted a celtic wedding service, I choose my celebrant outfit to compliment the theme

During the service I invite the couple to turn to look at the sea of faces of their guests who wish them well! As well as asking the couple do they take this man and woman, I also asked all their guests a special question if they too would support them in their marriage together
The couple choose to write personal vows to each other and sealed them in envelopes where they exchanged them during their wedding service, and we placed them in a box for them to open them in private later that night
Lewis' sister with her little baby safely held the rings in readiness for the couple to exchange them

The couple held hands as I utter words "these are the hands of your best friend" as the couple then exchanged rings, a symbol of their commitment to each other
The couple choose to have handfasting ritual within their wedding service, the ribbon colours represented special elements such as peace and harmony, laughter and adventures, then I tied the ribbons to seal those promises
The couple signed their wedding blessing certificate which was witnessed by the land owners

The couple posed after they had signed their wedding certificate

The couple walked down their aisle in readiness to jump the broom, a celtic ritual, jumping into their new adventures

The wedding ended on the tradition of The Kiss

After the wedding ceremony, the couple walked back hand in hand to their wedding celebrations held in a marquee in the working farm area

What a pleasure to write and conduct this special wedding service as the sunset over Quantocks in Somerset. Their guests, many of them vets and commanding officers in the RAF all said what a heartfelt wedding service it was.

Photography was provided by the talented Victoria Welton Photography in Somerset

As Im so much more than a Celebrant, myself and my team were in attendance throughout the whole day as wedding planners ensuring everything went smoothly; look out for the blog highlighting the marquee wedding day for inspiration!

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