Are wedding favours a thing of the past?

Is it necessary to give Wedding Favours?

Wedding favours are like party favours given out to guests as a keepsake of your day. They are a great way to personalise your wedding day, a gesture to say thank you to all your family and friends for attending your wedding day, but is this centuries old tradition a thing of the past in 2023?

Where did this custom start?

Originally a tradition in France, this ritual of giving out favours dates back hundreds of years. The tradition was adopted in England as a way to show wealth and status and items given were something of value or useful, rather than small or symbolic.

Over time, wedding favours have allowed couples to add their own personality on dressing the wedding table, whether that be something customised or a yummy treat.

Is it Okay Not to Have Party Wedding Favours?

Favours are not necessary to be provided for guests, and the wedding couple can feel obliged to overspend on items that their guests wont use, and may leave on the wedding breakfast table. Many couples have decided to ditch wedding favours seeing them as a wasted expense. After all its your day, your way right?

So its important you pick the right favour gift, if you are going to keep up with this tradition. Here's some inspiration of what you could provide:-

Wedding Favour Ideas - Get Baking

If you are more creative, consider making your own homemade wedding favours. A great idea would be to make a whole day of it with your wedding party and have a cake decorating party.  You can make cupcakes for each of your guests and wrap them in cellophane bags tied with ribbon.

Wedding Favour Ideas

Wine glasses or champagne glasses are always popular.  You can personalize them by having stickers designed with the wedding couple's names on them.  Another option would be to buy plain glassware and personalize it yourself with permanent markers or engraving tools which can be purchased at craft stores such as Hobbycraft.

Why not get some stickers printed with your personal message, and pop them over some mini candles or chocolates?

How about having bespoke coasters made - why not design it around the location of your wedding venue, or where you first met or where the proposal was?

Then thers's tea bags, cookies, soaps, cds, shot glasses, charity gifts, scratch cards, jewellery, crystal for example

If you want to be practical, then go for paper fans in your wedding colours, or small bottles of sun cream - great for weddings in a heat wave

A useful idea might be to have a token so that your guests can use it at the bar later in the evening - drink on you!

And if you really want to add in that old age wedding favour custom, then go for sugared almonds

Wedding Favours of Sugared Almonds or Sweets Are Popular Choice

Where To Shop For Your Favours

There are so many shops that sell wedding and party favours. Here are couple of online suggestions that provide various themes and for all budgets.

Final Thoughts

From a Planner's perspective they are not necessary, but you need to decide if they are worth it. With the cost of living going up in 2023 and weddings an expensive outlay, favours are a way of cutting back on the costs, so its okay to ditch the favours if you wanna save some money. Remember its your day, your way, there is no right or wrong anymore.

Weddings dont have to look a mirror image of those on pinterest; many are not real as they are commonly known in the business as styled shoots. Alternatively why not spend the money on food, drink or a photobooth or party games on the lawn that your guests will remember for longer?

Either way, keep favours sweet and oh so simple!

Who doesnt love a personalised treat?

Wedding Planning Tips

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