Cornwall Clifftop Surprise Marriage Proposal Engagement Story

A Romantic Cornwall Wedding Proposal for London Couple to Make Your Heart Melt

West Country Marriage Proposal Planner, Amanda-Louise Knight, nailed a stunning spring intimate cliff top marriage proposal in Cornwall for London couple

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I am still swooning over this intimate cliff top coastal romantic marriage proposal in Cornwall that I customed designed over the Easter spring holiday weekend.  The easter bunny brought lots of love in the air as I brought my London client Anurag to this stunning destination I had proposed of a secluded spot of the South East Cornwall coastline.

With a tight time frame I was able to coordinate a personal one-off romantic marriage proposal setup in the picturesque west country.

Cornwall Talland Bay background for marriage proposal set up ready

As you can see it was touch and go with the weather, but rain held off!

The details

Anurag contacted Amanda-Louise Knight Weddings, Proposals and Events and worked with Amanda-Louise as the West Country’s Expert Independent Marriage Proposal Planner to plan a special moment so that he could surprise his girlfriend Amandeep and ask her a very important question.

He already knew he wanted to be in Cornwall as they were going to be on holiday together during a spring week in April, he wanted a stunning scenery, but he wasn’t sure where or how to transform a space into a romantic paradise.   He is a professional working full time; he didn’t have the time to plan his perfect proposal himself. That’s where my specialism kicked in, as I presented him with multiple concepts, taking the stress off his shoulders.


With his aim to keep it intimate with no Marry Me Signs or fireworks, just exquisite making the most of the natural scenery.   He loved the location I found with views over Talland Bay, how I can transform an area using my romantic décor to create a romantic vibe, including my suggestions what we would do should it rain given the temperament of the UK’s spring weather!

Romantic decor ready for proposal

The Proposal Location

London based Anurag wanted to pop the question to Amandeep with a stunning coastal backdrop. I did my research and provided a variety of locations before he knew this chocolate-boxed destination was just perfect to pledge his love to his soulmate.

Grounds of Talland Bay Hotel decorated by Amanda-Louise Knight Marriage Proposal Planner

The Proposal Day

I arrived at the hotel and met Victoria the experienced professional photographer I had booked to capture the moment and we walked the grounds agreeing the perfect spot to coordinate the décor ensuring some breath-taking photos would be taken.   Having worked with Victoria on other occasions, I knew we would work in harmony to capture the right photos my client wanted.

With no rain, my client’s hope of an outside proposal was coming into fruition! - I had plan B as backup should it rain though!

Anurag arrived at the hotel with his girlfriend oblivious I was setting up the event in the hotel’s lawned areas as they checked into their superior sea view room, I had arranged for them.  

I met the couple in reception during the afternoon posing as a member of the hotel’s management team to welcome them and gave them a guided tour of the grounds keeping up the surprise up until the very moment….

The Big Proposal Moment

Amandeep couldn’t believe what was happening as we walked towards the lawns. Anurag proudly walked his girlfriend down the aisle, when he got to the end to the area adorned with petals, he guided her into the spot where he dropped to one knee, and presented the ring, and Amandeep said yes!

Amandeep was so surprised that her boyfriend was about to propose, as Amanda-Louise Knight welcomes the couple

Her expression once she saw the lanterns with candles, the aisle set enlightening the way to the spot with their favourite song started to play across the lawns from my pa system providing romantic tunes to entertain

Anurag gets down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend

Anurag places his engagement ring on Amandeep's finger

Couple embrace after Amandeep says yes i will marry you in front of Cornwall cliff top backdrop

Romantically decorated table and bench as couple sit on Cornwall cliff top enjoying champagne

The photographer was discreetly at a distance capturing the proposal moment, before I introduce her to the couple to celebrate with an engagement photo shoot during the afternoon.

Amanda-Louise Knight Marriage Proposal Planner pours champagne for engaged couple
Amandeep shows her engagement ring

engaged couple sit quietly talking about how Anurag kept his proposed marriage proposal a secret from Amandeep

couple laughing enjoying their moment over glass of bubbles with seagulls fly over the cornish sea behind
couple enjoy romantic moment in decorated beach hut during afternoon

Amandeep was so surprised at how much effortAnurag had put into making her feel special on this very important day.  

girlfriend admires her engagement ring whilst intimate moment in beach hut

Stunning couple laugh together by tree showing that diamond engagement ring

Head Over to My YOU TUBE Channel to see the live video

couple cuddle on bench within cornwall hotel grounds admiring the perfect fitted engagement ring

The couple celebrated later with a gorgeous dinner at the hotel as a newly engaged couple.

What did they say about using Amanda-Louise Knight Marriage Proposal Planner?

Anurag said the everything was just perfect and although we hadn’t met in person as our conversations with via email and WhatsApp, he was impressed by the quality of my creativity and planning services, and how quickly I had pulled it altogether thinking of everything.  The venue was gorgeous, the décor exceeded expectations, and everyone played their parts flawlessly together.   Amandeep was amazed and so surprised and couldn’t believe her now finance could keep this a secret without any of her friends knowing about it!  

Amanda-Louise Knight Planner with engaged clients Anurag and Amandeep in Cornwall gardens

I’m so honoured to have been part of their special day full of love and happiness, and wish them a lifetime of love, laughter and happiness.

Thanks to Everyone I had Booked

Proposal Planning by:  Amanda-Louise Knight Marriage Proposal Planner

Décor by : Amanda-Louise Knight

Décor by: Tables and More

Photographer by: Victoria Welton

Hotel by: Talland Bay Hotel

Want an awesome marriage proposal?

Although every wedding starts with an engagement, if you want a secret marriage proposal with the help from a professional then contact Amanda-Louise Knight specialist West Country Marriage Proposal Planner email or telephone, who can help you create a unique moment personal to you, leaving you stress-free as she gives you inspiration, coordinates and manages that once in a lifetime moment for you. All budgets and all destinations across the UK.

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