Discover Unity Cocktail Wedding Ceremony Idea by South West Wedding Celebrant Amanda-Louise Knight

Cocktail Unity Wedding Ceremony Ritual - A Wedding Celebrant's Perspective

Opting for a Celebrant for your wedding ceremony gives you lots of flexibility to make any wedding bespoke, personalised and unique. For those seeking a modern non traditional wedding ceremony, discover the latest trend I offer to couples incorporating a cocktail within the wedding service. This is an alternative to the Unity Sand Ceremony but based on the same principle, although this one is definitely just for the adults! The popular choice of cocktails are with gin or vodka. Read on to find out more about a local distillery and their recipe for a mean cocktail.

Symbolism of Cocktails During Your Wedding Service

A cocktail is a memorable addition to any ceremony whether on beach or hotel wedding or elsewhere. It symbolises your coming together as a couple or family and can be incorporated into your wedding service to make it personalised.

As a Celebrant I would pour each delicious ingredient representing you as individuals, and mix them together before pouring into one glass that you would drink from. The significance here is of the couple bringing their own individuality to the marriage and blending together to make one unity couple.

This can be incorporated into any part of your wedding ceremony, but my opinion is its meaningful to include this after exchanging rings. I introduce this element within the wedding script so guests know what is coming up next and why, and when I am pouring the cocktails I use beautiful words of sentiment linking into the love story I am retelling during the wedding ceremony. And what a great way to link into your celebrations dont you think?

Often couples like to sip their freshly prepared cocktail as they sign my ceremony blessing certificate as part of their wedding service. You could at that time, have drinks available for all your guests, so I can toast you as you tied the knot.

Using Local Suppliers

As a Somerset based Celebrant, I like to support local business and use local products. Exmoor Distillery is one excellent choice who provide a range of delicious drinks. Below is their cocktail using two of Somerset's greatest exports - their Barle Valley Vodka and Somerset Apples!

50ml Vodka


50ml Cloudy Apple Juice


1 tsp lemon juice


1tsp Maple Syrup & Ice

To find out more about this Exmoor distillery go to

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Amanda-Louise Knight conducting wedding at Castle Hotel, Taunton with handfasting ritual, photo courtesy of Dunford Rees Photography

Watch out for my new series of rituals which can be adapted into traditional and modern wedding ceremonies to wow your guests and bring the right balance of sentiment when you say I do. Click here for details of my celebrant services offered in West Country and UK.

Amanda-Louise Knight conducting country wedding with jumping the broom ritual, photo courtesy of Victoria Welton Photography
photo courtesy of The Celebrant Directory of unity sand ceremony. Amanda-Louise Knight can be found at The Celebrant Directory :
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Amanda-Louise Knight

Amanda-Louise Knight is an experienced Celebrant and Toastmaster associated with ICPC and Celebrant Circle. BBC trained and public speaker for over 30 years. She is an Independent Marriage Proposals, Weddings & Events Planner and creates unique personal days for those who want to celebrate special moments in life. Her business also includes Somerset Wedding Day Dog Chaperoning so the dog comes too. Her mission is to encourage everyone to make the most special occasion in life better than imaginable. She is based in Somerset and covers the UK. Amanda-Louise can be contacted on or 07879 220046.

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