Harry Potter Fan Couldnt Resist Broom During Wedding Celebrant Ceremony

Read how Harry Potter shenanigans unexpectedly made the guests laugh during "it was always you" wedding day

Mollie and Matt may not have thought about a themed wedding during their planning stages, but once a Harry Potter fan, the moment was too good to miss accordingly to groom Matt. Just after the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom posed for photos with their photographer. During the moment for the bride Mollie to have some staged shots with her bridesmaids, Matt couldnt resist using the Celtic bessom Broom which had been used during their celebrant wedding ceremony as part of ritual "jumping the broom". Matt put the broom to other good uses, and created his own "Harry Potter" moment unknown to his bride!

Bride and her bridesmaids pose for photo whilst groom recreates his Harry Potter moment behind them

Harry Potter Theme Wedding Ideas

If you want a Harry Potter themed wedding, there are many magical ways to weave this into your special day. Here are 8 examples:-

1.Ask your celebrant to print your vows on scrolls

2.Choose a Harry Potter quote as a reading

3.Use Harry Potter Marauder's Map for invitation design

4.Instead of table numbers, have Harry Potter Names to identify each tables

5.Instead of circular tables, have long rows of tables set up with candelabras, and gold decor

6.Have toast drinks in goblets

7.Have a Harry Potter quiz as entertainment during your wedding breakfast

8.Have wands as wedding favours so you all reenact the Harry Potter duel

How To Have A Harry Potter Wedding Ceremony

If you want to go the full hogwarts, I mean full hog, choosing an Independent Celebrant to write a bespoke wedding ceremony means you can have endless possibilities of the kind of wedding that YOU want. You can fully embrace it, or just have some sprinkles.

To find out more from an experienced Celebrant, please email or telephone Amanda-Louise Knight who will combine her years of experience, imagination so that you have your ultimate relaxed fun wedding service.

Jumping the Broom Ritual at end of wedding aisle
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Amanda-Louise Knight

Amanda-Louise Knight is an experienced Celebrant and Toastmaster associated with ICPC and Celebrant Circle. BBC trained and public speaker for over 30 years. She is an Independent Marriage Proposals, Weddings & Events Planner and creates unique personal days for those who want to celebrate special moments in life. Her business also includes Somerset Wedding Day Dog Chaperoning so the dog comes too. Her mission is to encourage everyone to make the most special occasion in life better than imaginable. She is based in Somerset and covers the UK. Amanda-Louise can be contacted on hello@alkcelebrant.co.uk or 07879 220046.

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