P&S Wedding at The Castle Hotel, Taunton, Somerset

Discover Peter & Sophie's Top Hat and Tails English Celebrant Wedding at The Castle Hotel, Taunton

Solicitor Peter and his beautiful bow Sophie wanted a grand affair at the coveted The Castle Hotel, Taunton, Somerset. Peter and Sophie who had just had their bonny little baby girl need professionals to get together to help them have their perfect day, so the hotel reached out to Wedding Celebrant Amanda-Louise Knight (thats me!) having expertise in curating traditional weddings. With little time on our hands, we got set to provide the couple and their family with a day full of warmth, charm and cozy festival lighting for this Christmas wedding. See below for some memories....

Couple Said

We just wanted to thank you Amanda-Louise again for yesterday, it was such a lovely ceremony and we all thought you made the day. Thank you so much, With kind regards

Celebrant Service Conducted by Amanda-Louise Knight

Photos Dunford Rees Photography

Are You Looking for a Traditional Wedding Celebrant in Taunton?

If you treasure elevated elegance dreaming of an unforgettable wedding service that represents you, infused with elements that honour love with the structure and tone of a traditional wedding, contact me today to discover if we are perfect together. My clients appreciate the beauty of details, my expertise and calmness I bring which sets the tone from the start to finish of the wedding journey as I officiate a ceremony of the highest quality with warmth and smiles!

Written by
Amanda-Louise Knight

Amanda-Louise is the creative director of her UK award winning business, Amanda-Louise Knight Weddings Proposals & Events. She provides advice to modern couples who want unforgettable weddings that set the tone about their celebrations and love.

Amanda-Louise is a current celebrant, and has been involved in the events industry for over 30 years. Her love for logistics, she is wedding and marriage proposal planner in the South West of England. A dog lover herself, she is owner of Somerset Wedding Day Dog Chaperone Service ensuring furry babies are included or cared for by her team.

She is mentor to other celebrants and venue consultant to her corporate business clients dedicating her time to helping them grow their own businesses.

And it all starts with making a date with Amanda-Louise!

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