The Ultimate Packing List for Your Wedding Day

Why a Large Wedding Bag is Essential?

On your wedding day, you'll be running around from hair and makeup to getting dressed. You're going to need a checklist with all the essentials that will make sure you have everything in order for your big day! I am going to give you an ultimate packing list of items for your wedding day.

I've included everything from shoes and jewellry to clothes and makeup products. This post will help guide brides-to-be through all of their planning needs before they walk down the aisle!

Whilst your bag has been sat there dormant and unneeded during the pandemic I doubt you have even given a thought to what lies inside.

Do you need a large bag to carry everything including the kitchen sink with you, or is your preference for a smaller handbag? There is still the option popular during 2020 choice of the micro bag but that wasn’t made for utility.  Since the pandemic we must think about what we need to carry with us; the hand gel, mask, phone, wallet etc, so perhaps coronavirus is going to bring us back to a generation who are more practical?

However for weddings, we must always think practically and my motto is 'always be prepared!'

What size bag for who?

From a guests point of view they need only have a bag big enough for confetti, a camera and perhaps a hankie for those moments filled with joyful tears. As a wedding planner my bag is considerably larger than normal. My way of thinking is thinking is to carry all the ‘just in case’ items. This means my bag turns into an emergency kit and often makes couples smile as I delve deep into my 'Mary Poppins' carry-all bag and produce the very thing they needed.

This is where size does count!

As someone who gets booked as a Celebrant and Wedding Planner, I have to think strategically when choosing my on the day attire, and then there is the question of bag size!

My ultimate packing list isn't a reminder to bring your wedding dress or shoes its a list of all the things I carry in my wedding planner bag.

Whilst its unlikely I will produce a tall plant or a bottle of medicine, the list below are the things I always have with me during an event.

  • Sewing kit – mini scissors (remove any new clothing tags) and safety pins (strapless dresses, these are a must)
  • Iron on mending tape (yes attire has been known to rip)
  • Wipes, makeup remover 
  • Tissues (for mopping happy tears)
  • Bobby pins, hair ties, hair spray
  • Breath mints or travel size toothbrush and paste, floss (to ensure freshest breathe for the kiss moment)
  • Tampons or pads (for unexpected moments)
  • Pain relief, herbal calm balm for any nerves (lavender oil works well for many)
  • Bottle of water – to ensure hydration 
  • Plasters, shoe inserts (ideal for those high heels) and comfort shoes when dancing the night away
  • Super glue (well who doesn’t need to repair something!)
  • Nail file and varnish in your colour (in case of chips)
  • Clear nail varnish (helpful for tights/stockings runs)
  • Makeup kit including lipstick, lip-gloss or a lip balm and mirror (to keep lips moist) 
  • Tweezers, Q-tips
  • Deodorant, perfume, baby powder
  • Lint roller (to ensure back of clothing free from hairs)
  • Bug spray, sun lotion
  • Stain remover
  • Phone charger (in case need to ring for emergencies and phone charge gone)
  • Additional pair of contact lenses, reading glasses
  • Jewellery cleaner to bring sparkles to your engagement ring - you will want to show your rings off to your friends and the photographer will want to take some close-up shots, so sparkle bright like a diamond
  • Extra pair of earrings (or just the backs) – in case you lose one
  • Anti bac gel (to keep safe and clean)

Whilst you certainly don't want to expect any emergencies on your wedding day, it's always better to be safe than sorry. 

Top Wedding Ceremony items you will need

  • DIY items such as isle markers, arch
  • Printed Order of Service
  • Ceremony ritual accessories – these are all elements that a Celebrant can incorporate into any ceremony such as unity candle, sand, wine box, mixing of cocktails to name just a few
  • Your vows
  • Pens in case guests want to leave best wishes messages
  • Separate pen (think covid!) for the signing of wedding ceremony certificate

When should you pack your wedding bag?

Its good idea to get prepared couple of weeks before the wedding, so you don’t need to think about it anymore.

The power of online searches!

Writing this blog has made me consider my current bag I take with me when I’m a Celebrant conducting the ceremony or as a Wedding Planner by the bride’s side as their personal assistant for the day.    

After searching to replace my trusted bag, I came across a ‘Make it British’ link

The company ‘Carpet Bags of England’ (which are turns out are local to me in Weston-super-Mare in Somerset) personally hand make each bag in their workshop. I certainly have my eye on their quintessentially English traditional style Victorian carpet bag, which as a lover of all thing’s bags, I have fallen in love with!  There is the saying ‘you can never have too many bags’ isn’t there?  On a more serious note, I think it will fit my needs as a Wedding Planner and Celebrant very nicely, to ensure I fit all my emergency items in for the wedding day and look quite unique – after all, being unique is what Im known for.

It just shows the power of online searching and in this instance, brought me back to a local shop, and who doesn’t like to support local businesses?

How do I know which Wedding Planner to use?

As you will expect its important to find a wedding planner that will focus on attention to every detail, whilst remaining a calming influence on everyone around them.

Whilst there isn’t a qualification in wedding planner, I have undertaken various training and offer this within my wedding celebrant and planning business. With my background in police and strategic management, I adore the logistics aspects of working with clients providing practical solutions, knowing that I'm there for them.

Amanda-Louise Knight Ceremonies. I am affiliated with and trained at The Institute of Professional Celebrants. I have a wealth of experience as a wedding planner and celebrant and regularly work with clients wanting personalised luxury ceremonies in Somerset and across the UK. Contact me on or 07879 220 046

Written by
Amanda-Louise Knight

Amanda-Louise is the creative director of her UK award winning business, Amanda-Louise Knight Weddings Proposals & Events. She provides advice to modern couples who want unforgettable weddings that set the tone about their celebrations and love.

Amanda-Louise is a current celebrant, and has been involved in the events industry for over 30 years. Her love for logistics, she is wedding and marriage proposal planner in the South West of England. A dog lover herself, she is owner of Somerset Wedding Day Dog Chaperone Service ensuring furry babies are included or cared for by her team.

She is mentor to other celebrants and venue consultant to her corporate business clients dedicating her time to helping them grow their own businesses.

And it all starts with making a date with Amanda-Louise!

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