Top Tips to Perform the the Perfect Wedding Ceremony Kiss

Top Tips to Perform the the Perfect Wedding Ceremony Kiss

With International Kissing Day this week, it’s a perfect topic to talk about the etiquette for the important kiss in the wedding ceremony.   

Just imagine, you are standing at the altar, spoken with heartfelt sentiment, made those important promises and vows to each other, then your officiant says….’you may now kiss your…..’ then what?

Likely most of us will feel we have our kissing technique down to a tea, so who would have thought that the wedding kiss needs careful planning?!

Why? Because it will save nerves on the day, and the more relaxed you are, the more you will enjoy the ride!

If you rush at it, your photographer might miss that fantastic opportunity to seal into a photograph of your undying love for each other! If you go for a passionate sloppy kiss, this may leave your guests embarrassed.

So my advice is about finding the middle ground, and certainly to enjoy each moment.  In the post i'm going to give you my top tips that I share with my clients on the perfect etiquette for their big moment – The Kiss.

The Ultimate Wedding Ceremony Technique to reassure any wedding kiss nerves (or as I like to call it the 5 Ps!)

1. Position

  • Try not to rush in and grab each other.
  • Slowly come together – remember it's not a race.  
  • Face each other. 
  • Agree on which sides you are going to tilt your head, so you don’t end up bumping noses!

2. Posture

Always avoid having your arms dangling to the side. Instead, one of you place your hand on your partner's shoulder, and your partner could hold your waist. This will look so much better in the photograph that arms flapping!     Alternatively, simply hold hands.

Now you are close to each other and gazing into each other’s eyes (alternatively you could close them for that dreamy effect) . 

3. Participate

And by this, I mean lipstick. If you want to wear a bright lipstick, remember lipstick doesn’t look great smeared over your partners lips.Opt for a non-transferable long wearing lipstick brand – you know the ones I mean that stay on for hours and doesn’t come off even if you eat food.  Perfect for your reception meal too.   

4. Pucker but avoid the Passion!

Think about if you would feel more comfortable having a peck on the cheek, and if so, do remember the timing still applies – don’t rush it.

Prefer to opt for a kiss on the lips?   What you need to remember is to avoid the passionate sloppy kiss of the century – leave that to later.  And 100% whatsoever no tongues for the ultimate etiquette; after all your guests are watching and even children!  As I say leave the steamy version when you are alone on your wedding night.

Ideally you want to be kissing for at least 5 seconds to ensure your photographer captures the perfect shot.    If you are too quick, the moment is missed.

This will then bring your wedding ceremony to the perfect close, as you then walk back down the aisle in wedded matrimony.

5. Practice

This may seem strange when you are likely to be comfortable kissing your partner, but many couples suffer with nerves during their wedding ceremony so its advisable to practice these tips, so when the big moment comes, and you hear those words inviting you to kiss each other – you will swoop and look like how they naturally do it in the movies with your family and friends clapping you as you embrace!

How can I Perform the Perfect Wedding Kiss

I’m sure this is a question that most couples have asked themselves as they anxiously await their first kiss on the day of their wedding. The 5 Ps are an easy way to reassure yourself and your partner before you begin snogging in front of all your guests! It can be daunting for anyone to start with but there are some simple things you can do beforehand to help make it go smoothly and enjoyably. I know how important this moment is so don't worry too much about doing everything perfectly because no matter what happens, it's going to be perfect anyway!

Let me know which part was your favourite

What is a Wedding Celebrant?

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As you will expect its important to choose the right Celebrant for you. After all, they are representing you on one of your biggest days of your life. Celebrants will differ due to their personalities, experience, and their styles. A good tip is to look at their websites, look who they are affiliated and trained by, and any testimonials they have and invest in time talking to the Celebrant when you are searching for them. Ask them questions, they won't mind! After all, it's important for them to ensure that they are a fit for you, and you to them. Most Celebrants are self-employed and such it's worth checking they have insurance etc before booking them.

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Written by
Amanda-Louise Knight

Amanda-Louise is the creative director of her UK award winning business, Amanda-Louise Knight Weddings Proposals & Events. She provides advice to modern couples who want unforgettable weddings that set the tone about their celebrations and love.

Amanda-Louise is a current celebrant, and has been involved in the events industry for over 30 years. Her love for logistics, she is wedding and marriage proposal planner in the South West of England. A dog lover herself, she is owner of Somerset Wedding Day Dog Chaperone Service ensuring furry babies are included or cared for by her team.

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