Why the Wedding Planner 'On the Day' is Affordable and Trending Package

What Are Day-of Wedding Coordinators and What Do They Do?

You have likely spent 18 months eating, sleeping, and dreaming about your wedding day.  You have planned it down to the last detail.

Let’s face it planning a wedding even for professionals is hard work!  For some couples planning can leave them frazzled, stressed, and sometimes dreading the day worrying about all the what ifs…from deadlines, budgets and then who is going to bring it altogether on the day?

Bet most couples don’t dream that they or their families are running around from the moment they wake up on their wedding day, making sure it all comes together?

you take time to get ready in the morning, not setting up chairs!

Luckily there is something that all couples can help themselves to stay calm, centered and looking forward to the big day.

Wedding Planners are experienced working in the wedding industry and known about pulling plans together.   A popular package that Wedding Planners offer is their ‘on the day’ only wedding service – its like having an extra pair of hands from someone who does this every day.

Sometimes called ‘on the day’ wedding management or wedding co-ordination, its a perfect way to get the value of using someone who does eat, sleep and breathes weddings.

Since covid, many couples fear booking a Wedding Planner worrying what would happen if they had to cancel at the last minute, after a Planner had spent the last 18 months working with the couple.

Fortunately, some Wedding Planners, understand the anguish couples have faced during the pandemic and will work with the client transferring the date.

Whats the benefit of using ‘on the day’ wedding management services of a Planner?

1.  You get a professional set of ‘eyes’ on your planning to ensure nothing is missed

2.  Reduces your stress levels & any panics you may have

3.  You, your partner and your families enjoy your actual wedding day,knowing the plans are in a safe pair of hands

4.  Your style, your wedding floor plans, your seating plans, timetables – in fact all the logistics are all executed by the Planner, which means you can all enjoy the day without having to do the hard work

5.  The planner becomes your one main contact for your suppliers, and they will all work in harmony; saving you lots of time spent communicating with the mall

6.  You have a planner hosting your guests, ensuring they are looked after while you party

7.  Have a professional with you from dawn to dusk to ensure everything goes smoothly, and working behind the scenes sorting anything and everything

8.  All your times are kept to order knowing the planner is ‘on it’

you get to dance not tidy up

You have a Wedding Co-Ordinator at your Wedding Venue – do you still need a Wedding Planner?

If you have booked a venue that has their own Wedding Co-ordinator, their focus is the venue – after all that’s who they work for.    Whereas an Independent Wedding Planner works for you, will keep you calm and will ensure all the details are covered.  They will both work together in sync.

Think only high-end weddings have a wedding planner?  

 No this is a myth, in fact if you have opted for a DIY wedding, then its even more value to use ‘on the day’ wedding management package.

Whats the value using a ‘on the day’package?

The common denominator about weddings is they need stage management, think of it like a production.   Like every production, there is always someone in charge ensuring everything goes to plan, or who can make quick decisions whilst thinking on their feet.

Whats the typical cost of just ‘on the day’ co-ordination?

In the UK it tends to range from £999 to £1,500 so affordable for the benefits of what they take off your shoulders,and how you ‘feel’ on your wedding day.

Aren’t Wedding Planners control freaks with a clipboard and a headset?

How funny!   I’m sure they are out there, but fortunately these days a good Wedding Planner has skills around communication and no headsets are required!    

As a Wedding Planner myself I have social skills, approachable person that gives everyone confidence and keeps them calm, who rolls up her sleeves but knows you are in control, after all about you, your day, and you are the spotlight. Surely thats whats on the job description of a planner? No wait Im self employed!

My advice to find out the character of your proposed Wedding Planner is to talk to them, they wont be shy and I know they will love to chat!  After all its important that you both get on and they ‘get’ your style and plans.   This means they need listening skills as well as organisational skill set too.

Couldn’t one of my friends do this work on my wedding day?

Yes they could, but its impossible to be the ‘ring leader’ and a guest all day long.

everyone sits back and enjoys

Its not just for one day

Whilst many Wedding Planners are good,they wont just rock up at 7am on the day without knowing all about your plans.   They will likely work with their clients a month before the wedding day (can be longer).    That way, together you will create the timetable, ensure the ‘to do list’ is up together and being sorted, attend a rehearsal and of course have some fun together too!

So whats your typical day as a ‘on the day’ wedding planner consist of?

So if you want a woman (im not being sexist but I am female!) behind the scenes, here is an example of what to expect from that extra pair of hands ‘on the day’:

On your wedding day, up early and it will either be on their own, or will bring an assistant co-ordinator (the number is dependent upon the number of your guests):

·       Check in with venue and all the suppliers

·       Ensure couple have had breakfast or at least cup of coffee and keep water on the go to keep you hydrated!

·       Pick up any items

·       Come prepared with my emergency kit

·       Co-ordinate makeup, hair, photography and transport

·       Help guests getting to church or outdoor ceremony venue

·       Transport items or people myself if required

·       Speak with groomsmen/ushers, so they know what they need to do and where they need to be

·       Pin buttonhole flowers, corsages

·       Ensure bestman has rings

·       Cue walking down the aisle

·       Ensure bride’s dress and veil is how it should flow

·       Remind guests if unplugged ceremony

·       Co-ordinate receiving line, assist photographer

·       Transport anything from church or ceremony venue to wedding reception

·       Ensure canopies, food and drinks delivered on time

·       Co-ordinate any entertainment

·       Ensure suppliers are feed and watered

·       Ensure all décor is as planned, light any candles etc

·       Ensure seating plan is in order and table décor

·       Look after guests all day and help with their needs

·       Make any announcements ie throwing bouquet, cutting cake, speeches, first dance

·       Ensure bride’s (and groom if required)makeup is touched up during day

·       Ensure couple are fed and watered throughout the day

·       Make sure any guests with disabilities are looked after

·       Work with all suppliers so they function smoothly, and have everything they need

·       Pack up at end of evening, ensure items returned to suppliers, wedding pressies to couple

·       Ensure couple go off safely to their destination ie hotel venue or honeymoon etc

And Finally

Obviously, the list is not exhaustive as every wedding day is different, but the money spent on having that experienced pair of hands ensures your special day runs smoothly and you sit back and enjoy it.

If you fancy some peace of mind, why not contact me for a discovery call or meeting, to see how I can make your day you so deserve?

Written by
Amanda-Louise Knight

Amanda-Louise is the creative director of her UK award winning business, Amanda-Louise Knight Weddings Proposals & Events. She provides advice to modern couples who want unforgettable weddings that set the tone about their celebrations and love.

Amanda-Louise is a current celebrant, and has been involved in the events industry for over 30 years. Her love for logistics, she is wedding and marriage proposal planner in the South West of England. A dog lover herself, she is owner of Somerset Wedding Day Dog Chaperone Service ensuring furry babies are included or cared for by her team.

She is mentor to other celebrants and venue consultant to her corporate business clients dedicating her time to helping them grow their own businesses.

And it all starts with making a date with Amanda-Louise!

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