My Dos and Donts Around Proposing

Dos Dont and Etiquette For an Unforgettable Marriage Proposal

Our ancestors of medieval knights and noblemen gave us the tradition of getting down on knee bowing to their noblewomen to propose marriage to then ask the question “will you marry me” but did you know there are some dos and donts when considering this life changing event?

Below is my advice on things you need to think about to ensure your moment is special and unforgettable – for the right reasons!

Remember to Consider

What you want to say – google some sentimental words if you need inspiration, your partner will love to hear you say something romantic!

How much you want to spend on the ring and the proposal

What things interest your partner ie are they romantic, do they like animals, are they quiet or extrovert, what food and drink they like will help you when considering the theme or location

What would be their dream romantic moment? - rather than yours!

If your partner is quiet, they might not want a flamboyant proposal

How you will keep your planning a secret – the less who know the better!

What are you going to wear, and also what your partner will wear?

Are you going to choose the ring, or want your partner to try some on and you know the size?

Engagement boxes can be a giveaway in trouser pockets so consider popping in a jacket pocket instead.  Also consider where you are going to store the ring once you have purchased it in readiness.

If its outside, do you have a plan b if it rains - a must in the UK!

Ensure you have enough time after you have asked the question to celebrate, its not romantic when you are running late for work!

Avoid using children or animals in your proposal –the saying ‘never work with animals or children’ is for a reason, as they can be unreliable

What will you do if things go wrong (fingers crossed it doesn’t)

Tradition is to ask the parents for permission, how do you feel about this and importantly how would your partner feel particularly if family is very special to them?

and of course….dont forget the ring!

Oh and I know some partners don’t discuss how much they have spent!


My best advice is not rush into anything, but don’t put it off for too long – after all there is no right or wrong way in creating a meaningful moment special for you both.  

But do think about things carefully, after all, your occasion will be a momentous life changing celebration and you will want to look back on it with fond memories. By prioritising what your partner likes will show them you have considered their happiness, and they will bound to love it!

Remember to be romantic and not prank them or joke– that will bound to upset them, and even give you a ‘no’ answer!

The biggest thing to consider is the location; making them feel special and they know you have put in the effort to make the occasion unforgettable will mean the world to them.

Hope this is helpful to you if you are thinking about asking your soulmate to marry you.

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Written by
Amanda-Louise Knight

Amanda-Louise Knight is an experienced Celebrant and Toastmaster associated with ICPC and Celebrant Circle. BBC trained and public speaker for over 30 years. She is an Independent Marriage Proposals, Weddings & Events Planner and creates unique personal days for those who want to celebrate special moments in life. Her business also includes Somerset Wedding Day Dog Chaperoning so the dog comes too. Her mission is to encourage everyone to make the most special occasion in life better than imaginable. She is based in Somerset and covers the UK. Amanda-Louise can be contacted on or 07879 220046.

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