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We at Amanda-Louise Knight Weddings, Proposals & Events follow positive values and behaviours in everything that we do. Our clients are always centric to our focus.


Our business was established on kindness and hospitality, wanting a client journey from our friendly can-do approach, seamless systems, and our desire to get things right in a calm and timely manner.  Should you feel our customer service is not up to our standards, this policy shows what to do.


Definition of a Complaint

A complaint is a formally expressed case of expression of dissatisfaction, whether justified or not, about any aspect about the business of Amanda-Louise Knight Weddings Proposals & Events

Our Procedures

We hope that you have a positive experience of working with us, but should the need arise, we have procedures in place to ensure your concerns are heard and addressed.

1.   In case of any complaint that the client(s) may have in relation to the services, the client(s) shall in the first instance speak to the representative from Amanda-Louise Knight Weddings Proposals &Events during that event, so they can try to resolve the matter there and then.

2.   In case of any complaint during the planning journey that the client(s) may have in relation to the services, the client(s) shall submit details of the complaint directly to the Amanda-Louise Knight Wedding Proposal & Events’ team member supporting them, who will acknowledge the complaint within 3 working days of its receipt and where necessary ask for additional information as they feel necessary to investigate the concern.

3.   All complaints will be investigated and assessed by Amanda-Louise Knight, Director and will seek to resolve it with the client(s)within 30 days of its receipt of all of the information necessary to investigate the complaint.

4.   If the client(s) is not satisfied, then the client(s) are welcome to contact Amanda-Louise Knight Director to discuss.Furthermore, the client(s) have the opportunity of employing an independent investigation company to look into the matter; and should this be agreed with Amanda-Louise Knight as a way forward, then these costs incurred shall be determined between the parties concerned.

5.   The client(s) will not leave any negative remarks or comments on any media format, without allowing service provider time of at least 30 days to solve any issues that have arisen.

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