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We at Amanda-Louise Knight Weddings, Proposals & Events have positive values and behaviours, so that’s why not only are we transparent with our fees, we do not take commission on any of our weddings, proposals or events.


We know weddings are a large financial outlaw for many people, and we respect everyone’s budgets.


It is still common in this industry for suppliers and venues to charge and/or accept commission for sitting on “a preferred suppliers list” or from recommending one another. Often this is 8-20%, which is passed onto the clients to pay hidden within the costs – we would rather our clients kept this money,as they are already paying for the service they want and need.


We do not pay for a venue and/or any suppliers to recommend us as one of their preferred suppliers.  We do advertise on directories, and this is paid for from our marketing budget.


When we recommend a venue or supplier, we do not take any commission or kickbacks from them, as prefer to recommend for the right reasons.

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