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We at Amanda-Louise Knight Business (Amanda-Louise, and everyone who works within her team) are very proud of our Policies.


We do not discriminate

·        We believe that weddings, proposals and events are essential part of everyone’s lives. We look forward to working with our team members and clients regardless of race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, and age and everyone is free from discrimination, prejudice and exclusion.

·        For us, embracing equality, diversity and inclusion is not just about a policy. Its about ensuring this is in everything that we do in our business.  Amanda-Louise and her team recognise that everyone is different, and we value those differences by treating everyone fairly and with respect.

·        And we want everyone, whether they are our own staff or our clients, to feel comfortable, safe, welcomed and valued. We welcome feedback to help us improve not only in our policies but also how we conduct our business.

·        While we acknowledge that we’ve got a lot to learn,and we wont always get it right, we are committed to doing all we can to represent and support equality, diversity and inclusion in the wedding,proposals and events industry.

·        We continue to look at our own terminology so that its respectful for all. For example, instead of “bride and groom” we prefer to use the language “brides and grooms” or “wedding couple”. We know that not everyone wants to be referred to as a bride or groom. Some members of our LGBTQ+ community do not want to identify with a gender or feel a connection to more than one gender. We understand that some clients feel the term “bride” is old fashioned and antifeminist. So, we ask our clients how they wish to be referred to, and how we should address their guests. And we do not label weddings such as “gay” weddings preferring to see every celebration as a“wedding”.

·        We do not make any indifference if the wedding is legal or not. A wedding is a ceremony of a commitment of two consenting adults who love each other and are promising their lives to one another. It is their personal choice if they want to be legally married. And in our Celebrant Services we do not enter into any fraudulent behaviour, so our certificates are clear they are not a legally binding marriage certificate.

·        We recognise that some information that our clients tell us is confidential, so we are discreet. We only share information with other suppliers if it is relevant to their wedding, proposal or event, unless information falls under the remit of Safeguarding legislation and we have to report to the authorities should anyone be at risk of abuse or harm.

·        When we are supporting and working alongside you with a funeral, please be assured that this same respect will be extended to your loved one in making the arrangements for their funeral and honouring their wishes.

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